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Yet more new techno hijinks. This week's mix is pretty full on, lots of looping, FX & such to keep you entertained




01. Charlotte de Witte "Kuda" (Intro Loop) [novamute]


#TechnoRecommended - Track of the Week]
02. George Makrakis "Internal Dimension" [Naked Lunch]


03. Dario Sorano "Hybrid Amp" [Pitch Perfect Records]
04. Ryan McKay "Deception" (Drum Tool) [BEK Audio]
05. [Wex 10] "Best Friend" [Odd Recordings]
06. Blicz "Jungle Alert" [Involve Records]
07. Arjun Vagale "Sputnik" [Planet Rhythm]
08. Luca Agnelli "Raveolution" [Etruria Beat]
09. Adam Beyer, Layton Giordani, Green Velvet "Space Date" [Drumcode]
10. [Wex 10] "Jc2204" [Odd Recordings]
11. Luca Agnelli "No Gravity" [Etruria Beat]
12. Skream "Poison" (Alan Fitzpatrick Remix) [We Are The Brave]
13. Flug "Rejected" (Sam Paganini Remix) [JAM]
14. Axel Karakasis "Petrified" [Alleanza]
15. Ramiro Lopez & Andres Campo "Stomper" [Odd Recordings]
16. Blicz "Old School Calling" [Involve Records]


#ThrowbackTrack - 1994
17. Underworld "Dark & Long" (Chicago Loop Bootleg) [Unreleased]



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Chicago Loop on a very simple but effective and respectful rerub. I'd rather you'd played the dark train or another of the versions that actually came out back in 94 though! :P. Much love, thankyou and goodnight, terry tibbs1 :D

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Latest mix from yours truly...




01. Veerus "Heavy" [JAM]
02. Pig & Dan vs Mark Reeve "Give Yourself" [ELEVATE]
03. Lerio Corrado "Scraping The Walls" [Unrilis]
04. Richard Cleber "Shiatsu" (Tom Hutt Remix) [Crash! - Forthcoming]


#ThrowbackTrack - 2014
05. DJ Boris & Saeed Younan "Natural System" [Alleanza]


06. Oscar L "Magnum" [Transmit Recordings]
07. Sonate "Sine Drift" [Transmit Recordings]
08. Mario Ochoa "Apollo" [Phobiq]
09. [Wex10] "Carolo" [JAM]
10. Superstrobe "In God's House" [Phobiq]


#TechnoRecommended - Track of the Week
11. Mark Greene "La Fuga" [Funk'n Deep Records]


12. Y-Traxx "Mystery Land" (Spektre Remix) [Kraftek]
13. The Reactivitz "I Can Wait" (Rudosa Remix) [Respekt Recordings]


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