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Judge Jules Global Warmups with Matt Hardwick Guest mixes

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Happy New Year everybody!!! :) Just wondering if anybody has any Judge Jules's Global Warm Up mixes where Matt Hardwick guest mixed on his shows. I have seen several listed on here and was wondering if anybody happens to have any of these? Fuzzy, do you have the tracklists?

I have some Weekend Warmups from 2008 and 2009 which I will upload shortly.The four links underneath are listed as Global Warm Ups on Sirius Radio which feature a guest mix from Matt Hardwick:

Global Warm Up Shows

Show 357, 25th Nov 2010

Show 275, 2nd May 2009

Jan 19th 2008

18th Feb 2005

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I've had a look through but unfortunately l don't have any of the ones you want, sorry :(

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I do have tracklists from some of the shows, but only Jules' part. The guestmix TL's were never published.


Paul Masterson - 'Can't Stop' (White Label)

Thomas Falcon - 'High Again' (Oxyd)

Shannon - 'Let The Music Play (Trophy Twins Mix)' (White Label)

C-Mos - '2 Million Ways' (EPOS)

Arthur Baker/Dave Clarke - 'AB-DC' (Southern Fried Records)

The Pull - 'Closer' (White Label)

Doktor - 'Dream Into My World' (Academy Records)

Judge Jules feat. Kirsty Hawkshaw - 'Beautiful Danger' (White Label)

Micky Modelle - 'The Beach' (White Label)

Ernesto & Bastian - 'Dark Side Of The Moon' (ID&T)

*** Tried & Tested ***

U2 - 'New Year's Dub (Ferry Corsten Inst Edit)' (White Label / Bootleg)

Tiesto vs Armin feat. Ferry Corsten - 'Sweet Traffic (Bobina Intruder 643 bootleg)' (White Label)

*** Gone But Not Forgotten ***

Gat Decor - 'Passion' (Blanco Y Negro)

Martin Roth - 'The Last Time' (White Label)

Dumonde vs JJ - 'What's In Your Head' (White Label)

Jan Loper - 'I Can't Stop' (White Label)

Mateo Murphy - 'Meltdown' (Underwater Records)

The Brattice - 'Bret Pitch' (White Label)

*** Matt Hardwick Mix ***

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