2002-11-30 - Judge Jules, Studio Session

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2002-11-30 - Judge Jules, Studio Session

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01. Bangra Knights vs Husan - 'Husan' [white label]

02. Cicada - 'The Edge' [Critical Mass]

03. Laurent Wolf - 'Together (Dare To Dream)' [Royal Flush]

04. Dino Lenny - 'Change The World' (Dino Lenny Mix) [Age One]

05. Above & Beyond - 'Far From In Love' (Shane 54 On Spec Mix) [Anjunabeats]

06. Layo & Bushwacka - 'Love Story' (Tim Deluxe's Finally Vocal Mix) [XL]

Gone But Not Forgotten

07. Subliminal Cuts - 'Le Voie Le Soleil' [XL]

08. Unknown - 'Shiny Disco Wolf' [white label]

09. Underworld - 'Dinosaur Adventure 3D' (Sharpside Mix) [JBO]

10. Moguai - 'You Know Why' [Hope]

11. Beatpushers - 'Murto' (The Green Martian Mix) [serious]

Judge Jules' Tried & Tested

12. Darren Tate vs Jono Grant - 'Let The Light Shine In' (Smith & Pledger Mix) [Mondo]

13. Eclispse - 'You're Not Alone' (Scumfrog Mix) [MSU]

14. Santos - 'U No.1' [Mantra Vibes]

15. Kid Icarus - 'Hello Tomorrow' [Proto Platinum]

16. Body Shock - 'Break This' [uK Bonzai]

17. System F - 'Soltice' [Tsunami]

Judge For Yourself

18. Paul Masterson - 'Stars' [You Clash]

19. DJ Misjah - 'Club Freak' [bellboy]

20. Plummet - 'Damaged' [Motivo]

21. Darren Tate - 'Fall From Grace' [Mondo]

22. Pale X - 'Androids' [shogun]

23. Unmark - 'The Silent You' [sirup Music]


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song 08 is >>> Who Da Funk feat Jessica Eve - Shiny Disco Balls !! not the original maybe a bootleg or a remix i havent heard !!

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I do believe that this is one I have submitted. :blush:

I do believe it is. :thumbsup:

I do also believe that the lady on the phone suggesting Jules play Le Voie du Soliel is in fact ME!!!! :shifty:

(Yes I did get an attack of nerves mid-call)

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Neuro - it does. I've hammered most of the 1999 era stuff I have (or obtained from here)...Look forward to some new stuff hopefully!

Will have a search the loft just in case I missed any old tapes. The only issue I have now is I have no tape deck to play anything I find on!

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