Judge Jules - Christmas 2015 Charity Board Mix - Exclusive for JudgeJulesArchive.co.uk


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Judge Jules - Christmas 2015 Charity Board Mix - Exclusive for JudgeJulesArchive.co.uk

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Judge Jules
Christmas 2015 Charity Board Mix
Exclusive for JudgeJulesArchive.co.uk

Judge Jules's exclusive Christmas Charity mix especially for the members on JudgeJulesArchive.co.uk to mark the website's 10th anniversary. Thank you to everybody who generously donated and suggested tracks - if your track didn't make it, we're really sorry! There's always next year... ;)

In Jules's words, "...this brought back huge memories! Please thank everyone for the sponsored element of this". Enjoy.

01. Sol - 'Arranguez @ Sunset' (Twangling Mix) [Moksha]
02. Starfighter - 'Apache' (Hi-Gate Mix) [byte Progressive]
03. Mauro Picotto - 'Pegasus' (Original Mix) [Nukleuz]
04. Sonique - 'It Feels So Good' (En-Motion Remix) [serious]
05. Fridge - 'Angel' (Club Mix) [incentive]
06. Digger - 'Church Of Ra' (Original Mix) [Casa Nostra]
07. Lovechild - 'Liberta' (Moonman Remix) [Neo]
08. Serious Danger - 'Deeper' (Part One) [Fresh]
09. Motivation - 'Para Mi' (Intrique Deep Bass Attack) [Definitive]
10. Michael Woods - 'Solex' (Non Vox) [free2air]
11. Agenda - 'Heaven' (Lange Remix) [iNCredible]
12. Cygnus X - 'Superstring' (Rank 1 Remix) [Xtravaganza]
13. Airwave - 'Save Me' (Original Mix) [serious]
14. Petra & Co - 'Just Let Go' (P+C Gallery Vocal Mix) [Lifting Cars]
15. Slusnik Luna - 'Sun' (Original Mix) [incentive]
16. Sarah McLachlan - 'Sweet Surrender' (DJ Tiesto Remix) [Arista]
17. Push - 'Strange World' (2000 Remake) [bonzai]
18. G.D. - 'Choral Reef' (Original Mix) [iDJ]
19. Beyond - 'Still Dream' (Original Mix) [Conception Artist Management]
20. Gold & Delicious - 'Ascension' (Unreleased Lange Remix) [white label]
21. Salt Tank feat. Néve - 'Eugina (I Want To Be Free)' (Unreleased 2001 Club Mix) [white label]
22. The Green Martian - 'Industry' (Original Mix) [serious]
23. Tall Paul vs INXS - 'Precious Heart' (Riva Mix) [Duty Free]
24. Hi Gate - 'Caned & Unable' (Original Mix) [incentive]
25. Judge Jules - 'Verano Loco' (Original Mix) [Reset]
26. Team SR - 'Leaving London' [Five AM]
27. Hi Gate 'I Can Hear Voices' (Chill Mix) [incentive]


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It's so good to see this up here for us all, such a wonderful idea from Tim and getting Jules to agree and produce the goods is just awesome!

The tracklisting is class, so so many amazing contributions from us all - and having Jules saying it brought back memories says everything about the music, the dj, the fans and the timeless era.

The mixing is great and the layout of the set is great; can also see a few personal contributions from Jules there with his own track toward the end and finishing with the 'Chilled version of Voices', which I know is his favourite Hi-Gate track.

All tracks were so great to hear again, a few I'd forgotten, but the one that stood out the most for me (so far on 1st listen) is "G.D's. - 'Choral Reef'" , "Salt Tank (feat. Neve) - 'Eugina (I Want To Be Free)' (Unreleased 2001 Club Mix)'" and of course (probably one of my all time faves, ever), "Team SR - Leaving London" - love it how Jules has placed it as the penultimate track to end the mix before wrapping with "Voices" :blush: B)

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  • 3 weeks later...

Really enjoyed listening to this guys - great work on pulling it together - thanks to all involved. It's been a while since I checked out the board but thanks to Aza for drawing my attention to this mix and also to his superb B side mix - great work sir!

It was great to hear the Hi-Gate remix of Starfighter in this mix - a tune I rather glossed over at the time and never had! I have the original on vinyl but never got the remix - have to say I think I prefer the remix now.

Also great to see the original instrumental Solex from Michael Woods - a mighty tune indeed - big memories from 2003 for me :)

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Just listened to this again today. what a set, what a tracklist, that is something special. Jules knows his records, indeed, just like he got caught to become a famous, he plays the right tracks to the right people, and this here for us, is a damn right special mix.

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