Obscure white label called 'Sunrise'

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9 hours ago, Tim451 said:


original poster 'philw' mentioned "it was definitely NOT a vocal trancer ... it was a tight little gem of a trancer", so I doubt it's the one you linked to unfortunately :-/

I'm interested in the vocal sample though... feel like I know her voice from another track maybe. Any insight?

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thank you to everyone who tried to help me on this quest  !!     you are ALL AWESOME !!  :P

I am glad I  can finally report I  found out what it is and who done it    !!  B)

sadly , for reasons of basic privacy ; cos he sent it in confidence  , I cannot share it    … but it may interest you all to know how I found out who made it  , and what it is called   ..  

so, basically on twitter , somehow  , we got in touch with the original producer     …  it turns out  it  WAS  ,   a track called ' Sunrise '  by  ' Lost Witness ' ,   also he was so very ,very kind to send us the original MP3  that was broadcast on Radio 1  on the Judges show     !!    …  :mellow:

it was never released     ///    and yes it IS as good as I remembered   ..  

it was a white label   ..      

I think Lost Witness recently did a remix version  that is available to buy   ..      but it isn't as good as the white label   !!

thank you everyone    !  :rolleyes:    ( nice community    ) … nice people  on this site    ..  


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just goes to show if you are ridiculously persistent  …  and you get lucky   ( ! )   ..  you can find anything  !!   :rolleyes::D

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