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Good memories of clubbing to JJ in 98. We saw a few of the R1 Dance parties and JJ @ Cream, MOS, Gallery, The Cross and Creamfields ... this is quite anthem ridden, but were the big ones of the day. Will have another from the same year with more obscure and not so played tunes ... Enjoyo :D


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Had a lot of laughs seeing Jules in 98. Frisky was still @ Ministry (best sound system I ever felt) and we were  I went off him after 99 as the Trance saturation was too much for me. I liked earlier Trance examples and mixed with pumping grooves that took in tribal -breakbeats - bouncy funky styles. I was so off my face in those days I'm surprised I can remember any of the sets lol. 95 - 97 was my fave for the more pumping stuff

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Fantastic mix here , know most off the tunes here, what is the song  between> partision-no may gustah and < nrg -never lost his hardcore ? great song :rolleyes: ok it was I Put A Spell On You (Sonique Club Mix)

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