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MixRIOT exists "to enable users to listen to and share their favorite DJ performaces, as well as to preserve performances that would otherwise be forever lost or inaccessible." MixRIOT holds over 5000 mixes and DJ performances encompasing all types of electronica over the past 20 years. All sorts of old sets on here if you delve deep enough.
Tidy Digital
Harder tastes are catered for here offering a good range of tracks across many labels as well as their own Tidy labels.
Judge Jules @ BBC Radio One
Judge Jules' official site for his weekly radio show on BBC Radio One
BBC Radio One
The official BBC Radio One website
Very much a House-focussed selection here but also some Electro, Garage, Funk, Old Skool, R&B, Hip-Hop, Rap, Chillout and Eclectic.