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  2. just got to the top and click view file and download
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  4. Is there anyway we can listen to these been looking for a track for years Eddie haliwell done it was a de Lacey hideaway tune
  5. Re-Worx Volume 3 - Born Again - is the Underworld Bootleg
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  7. The 288th show that we have put out under the TR banner. A non-stop 2 hour extended mix from yours truly: Tracklist 01. Fred Asquith "No One's Watching" (S-File Remix) [Room 2] 02. Uncertain "Ride" [GND Records] 03. Marcal "It Doesn't Resemble" [GND Records] 04. Deadwalkman "Acres of Skin" [Rave Code] 05. The Plant Worker "Escape" [Gynoid Audio] 06. Michel Lauriola "Doble Standard" [[R]3volution] 07. Moddullar "Carbon" (Kwartz Remix) [Faut Section] 08. The Plant Worker "Is There
  8. Hi guys. Long time member under another name. About the beginning of 2019 I've been going through a ton of his classic sets collecting what he has played. This has led me to completing quite a number of his tracklists with the correct track titles Thankfully you guys have done a lot of legwork in the tracklists but I'm finding many sets are missing the correct track names, correct mixes or even typo's that have made trying to find tracks challenging. Most of my spare time has been either taken up with the channel or correcting tracklists but I'm getting there!! As a big fan of Jud
  9. 100% I think it's the Witch mix or the Snow White mix. He's playing it towards the end of the records so misses out the strings from the start. I'm not sure as all the mixes sound similar.
  10. THE BEAT LOGISTIX PODCAST - EPISODE 11 (QUARTER 2 / APRIL TO JULY 2021) Now available via iTunes, Google Podcasts, Mixcloud, Soundcloud, Deezer and Podomatic. TRACKLISTINGS FOR THIS EPISODE: 90-MINUTE MIX BY CARL BRIGGS: 01. Ian Van Dahl - Nights On Java (Original Mix) [NuLife Recordings - 2002] 02. Twice As Nice - Overture (Original Mix) [HS Records - 1999] 03. Above & Beyond Presents Tranquility Base - Razorfish (Above & Beyond Bangin' Mix) [Anjunabeats - 2001] 04. The Croydon Dub Heads - Your Lying (Free State Remix) [Well
  11. What's the track inbetween Moonman - Don't Be Afraid and CJ Bolland - The Prophet? The track right before Moonman also sounds very much like it could be Brainbug btw Wonder if it's a remix of the 8th Dwarf?
  12. Freejack- Climatix is the song featured on the Seb Fontaine part
  13. thanks for sharing this love these old radio recordings 00:00 ? v briefly 00:10 Station Q - That Special Melody [E-Legal] 07:00 Sounds Of Blackness - Testify 09:00 Michael Watford - Holdin' On 15:00 Nikita Warren - I Need You (Joey Negro's Frisky Disco Mix) 18:00 Robert Owens - I'll Be Your Friend 20:00 ? "we came to sweat, much much too much" male 23:00 Kechia Jenkins - I Need Somebody (Judge Jules & Martin Pickard Remix) [DMC 1/92] 25:30 ? 27:00 The R.A.S.E. - Say It Loud 29:20 ? ragga male 30:10 Wishdokta - Bannana Sausage 32:20 Double Dealers fea
  14. The Kristine W track is Dekkard's Offworld Vocal from the 97 remixes. There is also about 10 seconds of Ariel Deep before the Ferr track, I think the the Deeper Vocal Mix.
  15. Hi I'm Tom Bradshaw, I have over a decade of experience working within the radio industry, as.a dj ,radio presenter & host. Im pleased to announce that Im now offering my services as voiceover artist on Fiverr, I can produce bespoke Radio Show/Podcast Intros, Dj Drops & Radio Imaging to suit your specifications and needs.. Here's some examples of my work
  16. Killswitch Radio Decade Celebration Celebrating 10 Years Of Killswitch Radio, On Air & Online Broadcast as part of, Trance Energy Radio - 8th Anniversary Broadcast
  17. Tracklistings 1.Jordan Suckley - Droid (Original Mix) [Tom Bradshaw Live Hot Cue Edit] Armin van Buuren - Rain (Cosmic Gate Remix) [Tom Bradshaw Live Hot Cue Edit] 2.Billy Gillies - Expand [Afterdark] 3.C.O.L.D. - Valhalla [Druck] 4.John Askew - Niceto [VII] 5.Coast 2 Coast feat. Discovery - Home (Maarten de Jong Remix) [WAO138] 6.David Forbes - Quantum [Outburst] 7.Age Of Love - The Age Of Love (Billy Gillies Rework) [Tom Bradshaw Live Hot Cue Edit] 8.Paul Denton - Eriu [FSOE] 9.Michael Kaelios - The Future [Surgikal] 10.Sean Tyas, Darren Porter - The Potion (M
  18. Tracklistings 1.Dazzle - Chaos Theory (Original Mix) [Soundpiercing] 2.Giuseppe Ottaviani - Through Your Eyes (Original Mix) [Vandit] 3.O'Callaghan & Kearney - Exactly [Discover] 4.Onova - Platitude (Original Mix) [Vandit/Monster] 5.Veracocha & Michael de Kooker vs Simon Patterson - Carte Smack (F1D0 mashup) [White Label] [Tom Bradshaw Edit] 6.Joshua Ryan - Pistolwhip (Matt Harrison Mix) [White Label] 7.Plastic Boy - Twixt (Kev Wild Bootleg) [White Label] 8.Faithless - Salva Mea (Icedream Bootleg) [White Label] 9.Electrique Boutique - Revelation (Ally Brow
  19. Tracklistings 1.Sergiy Akinshin - 3am (Dub Mix) [Phoenix Recordings] 2.Raphael Bernard - Constructions [State Control] 3.Madwave - Vooteta [Phoenix Recordings] 4.Steve Byers - The Power [Redux 138] 5.Jody 6 - Drops [High Voltage] 6.Dan Kelly & Kevin Energy - Cyclone One [HTE] 7.John Askew - Niceto [VII] 8.AlexMo - SuperNova [HTE] 9.Sied van Riel & Marcelo Fratini vs. Cassius - Enjoy When The Sun Goes Down (Lucas Deyong Mashup) 10.Chris Schweizer & Paul Denton - Hammer Time [WAO138?!] 11.Sneijder & David Forbes - Accelerate [Afterdark] 12.Reneg
  20. Tracklistings 1.Alexander Popov - Adagio [Interplay] 2.Allen Watts & Chris Schweizer - Cabrones [WAO138?!] 3.Yoshi & Razner - Pegasus [High Voltage] 4.Kenny Palmer - Sun's Reach [Monster Tunes] 5.James Dust - Göteborg [Joyride Music] 6.Marc Loage - Voices [TAR#138] 7.Giuseppe Ottaviani - Classmate (Dex Machina Remix) [GO Music] 8.Maarten De Jong - Alone [WAO138?!] 9.Peetu S - Fearplane [Outburst] 10.Kinetica - Nothing To Hide [FSOE Clandestine] 11.Liam Wilson & Paul Troubridge - Fortress [Subculture] 12.Richard Tanselli & Rob Dalby - Feel Moore [Noctu
  21. Latest edition of TRR Tracklist 01. Pfirter "Restart Pattern" [Paralelo] 02. Lex Gorrie "Domino Effect" [Sleaze Records] 03. Michel Lauriola "The Lost Valley" [Ucker Records] 04. Goldzik "Rust" [Trau-ma] 05. Oktobr "Vortex" [KSR] 06. Pfirter "Urgency" [Paralelo] 07. HLX-1 "Curious City" [Seclusion] Future Focus - Josh Reeve "Agita" EP 08. Josh Reeves "Silo" [Autonome Records] 09. Josh Reeves "Rigid" [Autonome Records] 10. DIAPO, Rismu "Flamup" [[R]3volution] 11. Steel Force
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