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  2. Wow love the detective work here, I can't believe after all this time that finally an answer has been found! Great work & Andy Condie I can't wait to hear your remake
  3. This is great news, and great work burien and andy. I have found a track of his on youtube called. A.M.P 'The Future Is Ours' Just after the 4 and half minute mark when those synths take hold, you can definitely hear similarities with the mystery tune. Wonder why 'Future Is Ours' got released and the Lush tune didn't?
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  5. is this the studio of amp?? will get my mate to id all hardware on the vright side of the monitor is the roland 2080 and he youse a yamaha sy 85 ass a midi keybord i move to emu sampler soon mutch better ass you can see the emu under the orange waldorf limited edition
  6. Well done Burien, you found him! I was talking to Julian last night and he confirmed everything. He does not have the original or dat files, he literally has no way of getting his hands on it either. He told me as much as he can remember and what he used to make the track, (NO Ry Cooder sample) as I’ve mentioned previous. I am currently downloading VSTs in hope to get my remake more accurate. Below is pictures of the studio where is was created
  7. i asked Julian Napolitano to and he confirmed but he lost all his vinyls and DAT files .mabie John Barlow at 3 beat records can help ore mabie it was just really pressed one time so we can never find it at least we found it out and its not longer an ID amen
  8. a good friend of discogs after 21 years rote this to me Then I can resolve one of your ID tracks for you. Judge Jules, lUSh 2000. This is an unreleased track by Julian Napolitano under his A.M.P. alias that only Judge Jules got to test. Unfortunately it was never published. Had written with Julian Napolitano a few times. By the way, there is a new remake of it, see here: Sounds pretty good too. Thank you for your time and best regards and this Talked to him on Facebook on Messenger. Anothe
  9. I actually get the feels when I hear this track, I’d so love to find it. I’d die a happy woman!
  10. Homage to Aza's back-in-the day old skool influencers. Tracklist: Dial M for Moguai - Bang The Drum PT 2 (Original Mix) Mauro Picotto - Like This Like That (Megavoices Claxixx Mix) Fragma - Toca Me (Club Mix) York - On The Beach (Mauro Picotto' s CRW Remix) DJ Garry - Dream Universe (Red Square Mix) Warrior - Voodoo (Oliver Lieb Mix) Tomba Vira - The Sound Of 'Oh Yeah' (Oliver Klein Mix) Yves Deruyter - Back To Earth (Rave Mix) Rank 1 - Such Is Life feat. Shanokee (Deep Dub) DJ Elite - That Fuct Camera
  11. I haven’t touched my remake since December due to working away from home, I just got back yesterday so hopefully I will get it polished off this month, May 2021. I’ve sent the December version to some of your inboxes to give you a taste......once it’s completed (Free copy to all in here first!)
  12. Not difficult in the slightest! He's completely lost the plot.
  13. Pumping you up like a Lilo (Jules' refrain, not mine) ... TONS of classics and "all sorts" of beats n pieces from a by golly earache
  14. Nice find this. It's a shame the Dub version isn't a complete instrumental though!
  15. Cheesy as anything, but I really do have a soft spot for this tune. I feel it's commercial but done in the right way. Re-listening to this show today reminded me of this one.
  16. A huge thank you to anyone that managed to tune in live to our debut show. The full show is available to listen again below: Techno Recommends Radio with Max Kane April 30 2021 Tracklist 01. Pfirter & NØRBAK "Life Happens Twice" [MindTrip] 02. Ian Axide "Reset" [Sleaze Reocrds] 03. Transient X4 "The Rox" [Alleanza] 04. Hans Bouffmyhre "Gentle Destruction" [Sleaze Records] 05. Ian Axide "Theory" [Children of Tomorrow] 06. Allan Feytor "Oblivion" [Black Codes Experim
  17. We are launching a brand new Radio venture later today, exclusively via https://Techno.FM as Techno Recommends Radio takes to the air! Having been podcasting for over 6 years we were looking to do something a little different and the Techno.FM link-up made so much sense. We're all super excited to launch a "proper" radio show. The show will be broadcast every other Friday, 15:00 - 17:00 (UK) via https://Techno.FM needless to say I will be sharing a listen again option via Soundcloud in this thread. Really hope that some of you can tune in live. https://Techn
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  19. Also, track 2 is VPL - T-Break (Original Mix)
  20. Hi Burien, Is this one of the monthly mixes that he used to post on his website? Cheers! Tim.
  21. Judge Jules 'Naughty But Nice' March 2001 01 ID 02 Hi- Gate - ID 03 DJ Elite - That Fucked Camera 04 Tomba Vira - The Sound Of: Oh Yeah (Yomanda Extended Main Remix) 05 ID 06 Storm - Storm (BK And Nick Sentience Remix) 07. Hi-Gate - Gonna Work It Out 08 Hi-Gate - ID 09 Ron Houder - Outskirts (Hybrid's Tech Funk Break Mix) 10 Members of Mayday - 10 in 1 11 Push - Strange World (2000 Remake) 12 ID 13 Pablo Gargano ‎– My Noise 14 ID 15 Fatboy Slim - Star 69 (Original) 16 Hi Gate - Caned an
  22. Judge Jules 'Naughty But Nice' November 1999 01 Novy vs Eniac - Pumpin (Timo Maas Remix) 02 Mario Piu - Communication (Yomanda Mix) 03 Starfighter - Apahce (Hi Gate Remix) 04 Hi Gate - Caned and Unable 05 Celine Diablo - Horror Cabaret 06 Helix ‎– Spot The Difference 07 Hi Gate - Pitchin 08 The Clergy - Saints & Sinners (Saints Mix) 09 Spolied and Zigo - More & More (Instrumental) 10 Handsburn - Goodshot (Fontaine & vern Remix) 11 Transa - Supernova
  23. Indeed, the TL for Jan 16th 98 is not in the archive, and the one JasonB posted from Mixmag is not matching the one you did for your recording... Mixmags:
  24. Track 5 is Lennie De Ice - 'We Are I.E.' (Hybrid's Lite Mix) [Distinct'ive]
  25. 12. Roland Klinkenberg - Inner Laugh (original mix)
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