• BBC Radio 1
    Saturday Show (Studio Session)
    5:00pm - 7:00pm

01. Angelic - 'It's My Turn' [serious]

02. The Love Bite - 'Take Your Time' [Rise]

03. Kenny Blake - 'Tom's Diner' [Club Tools]

04. York - 'OTB (On The Beach)' (CRW Mix) [Manifesto]

05. Patrick F - 'Screamer' [bass City]

06. Storm - 'Time To Burn' [Data]

07. Hi-Gate - 'I Can Hear Voices' [incentive]

08. Fender Benders - 'Thinking About You Baby' (Summer Zero Zero Mix) [Drum Attic]

09. Wicked Phunker - 'Jungle Boogie' (Black Legend vs. J Reverse Club Mix) [Rise]

10. Skip Raiders - 'Just Another Day' (Brainbug Mix) [Perfecto]

11. AMP - 'You've Got To Believe in Something' [Pure]


Last Year's Tried & Tested

12. Meccaheadz - 'Night Skool' [Europa]


Judge Jules' Tried & Tested

13. Perfect Phase - 'Goal!!!' [2 Play]


14. Jack Russell - 'Manhatten Fever' [white label]

15. Cygnus X - 'Superstring' (Rank 1 Original Mix) [Xtravaganza]

16. Calypso Boys - 'Would You Like To Sing Along?' [boys]

17. Stretch & Vern - 'That Sound' (Nick Sentence Mix) [spot On/VC Recordings]

18. Karen De Ponti - 'Hypnobounce' [Nukleuz]

19. Lisa Pin Up - 'Future Acid House' (Flickman Mix) [Nukleuz]


Judge For Yourself

20. Marc Et Claude - 'I Need Your Lovin' (Dark Moon Mix) [Positiva]

21. Lightforce - 'Join Me' [slinky]

22. Jon Doe - 'NRG' [Honey Pot Hard]

23. Modem - 'Contact (We Gotta Connect)' [Clockwork]

24. Surreal - 'You Take My Breath Away' (Lange Mix) [Cream]

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