• BBC Radio 1
    Friday Show (Paul van Dyk covering for Judge Jules) (Studio Session)
    9:00pm - 11:00pm

01. Afterburn - 'North Pole' [Xtravaganza]

02. Redanka - 'Sonic Strategy' [Whoop]

03. Mansun - 'I Can Only Disappoint You' (Perfecto Mix) [Parlophone]

04. Fatboy Slim - 'Sunset (Bird Of Prey)' (Darren Emerson Mix) [skint]

05. Delirium feat. Sarah McLachlan - 'Silence' (DJ Tiësto In Search Of Sunrise Mix) [Nettwerk]

06. Sarah McLachlan - 'I Love You' (BT Mix) [Nettwerk]

07. Sonorous - 'Glass Garden' [Colourbox]

08. X-press-2 - 'AC:DC' [skint]

09. Firefly - 'Supernatural' (Josh Wink Mix) [Kickin]

10. Paul van Dyk - 'We Are Alive' (Breathless Mix) [Deviant]

11. Thomas Schumacher - 'DJ Boyfriend' [white label]

12. Robert Armani - 'Circus Bells' (Unknown Remix) [white label]

13. Ashtrax - 'Digital Reason' [Distinctive]

14. Armin van Buuren pres. Alibi - 'Eternity' (Original Mix) [Vandit]


Paul van Dyk's Half-hour Mix

15. Animated - 'Container No.2' (Ian Wilkie Mix) [Deviant]

16. Unknown - 'Gorgeous' [white label due May 2001]

17. Kristine Blonde - 'Love Shy' (Electronique Bouitque Vocal Mix) [Relentless]

18. Solid Sessions - 'Janeiro' (Original Mix) [Combined Forces]

19. Paul van Dyk - 'We Are Alive' (Deep Breath Mix) [Deviant]

20. Phreq - 'Falling' (Adam Dived Mix) [Additive]

21. The Thrillseekers - 'Synaesthesia' (Vandit Dub Mix) [Vandit]

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