• BBC Radio 1
    Saturday Show (Studio Session)
    5:00pm - 7:00pm

01. Rui da Silva feat. Cassandra - 'Touch Me' [Kismet/Arista]

02. Hatiras - 'Spaced Invader' [Defected]

03. Freestylers - 'Blow Ya Brainz' [Telstar]

04. Angelic - 'Can't Keep Me Silent' [serious]

05. Channel 2 - 'Ventilation' [Vinylized]

06. Huff 'n' Puff - 'Born Again' (Rollo & Sister Bliss Mix) [Go! Beat]

07. Tron Javolta - 'Bet You Get' [iD&T]

08. Shadow Company - 'Hypnotize' [boombastic]

09. Meeker - 'Mountains' (Darren Emerson Underwater Vocal Mix) [underwater]

10. Push - 'Strange World' (2000 Remake) [bonzai UK]

11. Storm - 'Storm' (Housetrap Mix) [Additive]


Last Year's Tried & Tested

12. Dial 'M' For Moguai - 'Bang The Drum' [Data]


Judge Jules' Tried & Tested

13. Photek - 'Mine To Give' (David Morales World Mix) [science]


14. Extek - 'Supanova' [Zonez]

15. Tata Box Inhibitors - 'Freet' [Hooj Choons]

16. Blake - 'Scream Electric' [Custom Made]

17. Red Alien feat. Afrika Islam - 'Red Alien' (Zulu Beat Mix) [Overdose]

18. Warrior - 'The Warrior' (Da Hool Mix) [incentive]

19. Jakatta - 'American Dream' [Azuli]


Judge For Yourself

20. Santos - 'Camels' (Saints & Sinners Mix) [incentive]

21. Matchstix Men - 'Boom!' [Good:As]

22. Libra - 'Calling Your Name' (Moogwai Mix) [Platipus]

23. Three Drives On A Vinyl - 'Sunset On Ibiza' [Massive Drive]

24. DJ Elite - 'That Camera' (DJ Elite's Fuct Camera Mix) [white label]

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