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  1. Awesome, cheers @Burien. Listening now - great mix as always from TDV!
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  2. sorry my bad https://www.mediafire.com/file/c85j7bgi0s5xsna/Nocturnal_the_Mint_Collection_97_-_Tony_De_Vit.mp3/file Tony De Vit (think its recorded at Progress as Russell Davison introduces him) 00:00 Deep Stereophonics - Digital Dreams (Brum And Dass Mix) [Tuff Tunes] 08:20 Nocturnal Vibes - The Nocturnal Anthem (Feel It) [Gossip] 12:20 Freakyman - Discobug '97 (Da Klubbkings Mix) 17:30 The Groove Master - Never Again (The Hard Steve Mix) [UMM] 22:50 Fred & Ginger - The Jam Must Go On [Freebass Recordings] ‎ 29:00 JDS - Nine Ways 35:30 Scooter
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