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  1. If anyones interested Both the vocal and dub mixes are now available digitally here: https://sunscreem.bandcamp.com/
  2. Closest we are ever going to get to the actual track itself in my view. Fair enough though. Pointless someone else Like Andy doing another version that will probably sound near enough exactly the same but fair play with that though. I bought the sa31 version and as far as I am concerend, end of!. You can all carry on though...
  3. Yeah considering Jules streams consist of him pretending to DJ to a pre recorded set, and looking stupid by missing all the cues in the process. But thousands of sheep keep watching these streams. Seems they couldnt care less that he isnt doing it live. No different to slapping on a pre mixed cd and miming to it. Terrible.
  4. 13 years later heres my take on it: Ruby Turner - Never Gonna Give You Up (Big Bump Mix) Supa T - Love & Respect is Actually Gotta Jump (Party Animals Drop Mix) Thelma Houston ‎– Don't Leave Me This Way is one of the joe t vanelli remixes raw stylus-believe in me is Raw Stylus Believe In Me (Vission Larimer Acid Trip) inner city-do me right is (Lisa Marie Sequential Dub)
  5. Just buy a proper stand a lone all in one. Worth every penny. I bought the rx 2 in october 2019, paid it off over a year. No issues with beatmatching whatsoever. Sync is sometimes out, I stick to manual beatmatching mainly. I have never 'got' laptop djing at all. Who nneeds it when I have this all ine one and can plug in a usb stick and away I go.
  6. Doesnt sound like a PVD trac,k to me anyway, but no ide who it is by.
  7. checkout every issue of muzik here: http://www.muzikmagazine.co.uk/
  8. why anyone would want to buy from shitport is beyond me. Buy on bandcamp. all formats and qualities for the same price. and you can download again and again and again, unlike shitport. Boooom/
  9. take your pick from any of theses, unless its something different: https://www.discogs.com/The-Age-Of-Love-The-Age-Of-Love/release/8614312
  10. To follow up on my previous post, I've known about this for a while thanks to the producer of it. So why would anyone else now need to attemtp to remake it when THIS remake is perfect.
  11. I think it was either june or july 1998 issue, as the tracklistings they would print were usually a month or two behind. Looking at my entries in the tracklisting archive, the final tracklisting i typed up fro what i had in 1998 was 1998-05-23 .
  12. Yet hundreds if not thousands of sheep keep watching his streams. Small minded musically locked in peoples. Fair enough to them. Far better people out there playing a larger variety of music, but nobody supports them because they are not a big name. Jules should have retired a few years ago really. Mighty has fallen massively. Once a inspirer, now just a relic.
  13. A member of this message board already has buddy!