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  1. Tune was played around august 1998 by Dave Pearce and Judge Jules . on the ibiza island and in uk clip is from

    BBC Radio 1 Dance Party
    Live from Madeira Drive, Brighton
    Friday, 14th August 1998

    lyrics are "i miss you, oh oh you know i do, feel it"



    the track fratures samples Lifeforce – Scatterbox (Acapella)

    samples Juliet Roberts - I Want You (Acapella)

    and a synth from The Mohawks – The Champ (Sagat – Luvstuff )

    mabie a bootleg on a sampler i never found ore an acetate .. hope somebody knows..


  2. only info about ive got from facebook



    I'm pretty sure Jules never played this, but might have if he got a copy as it sounds up his street. In 2001 around my way there used to be a pirate station called Groove FM that broadcast from Dudley, they used to spin this on one of their overnight mixes they left on. A few of us got a copy including myself and the uploader knowing a few folk who were involved with Groove. It's credited as someone called 'Daloops' but I'm not so sure it is, just wondered if anyone knew of any different with it.