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  1. 1994-12-xx - Judge Jules, Live on KissFM

    01. X Static - 'I'm Standing' (Heavy Organ Mix) [UMM]
    02. Sister Bliss - 'Oh! What A World' (Big Bold Brassy Mix) [Go Discs]
    03. MK - 'Always' (Stonebridge Club Mix Mix) [Active]
    04. MK - 'Always' (Visnadi's On The Run Mix) [Active]
    05. Antoinette Roberson - 'Move It' (Komix Club Mix) [First Choice]
    06. Black Sheep - 'North South East West' (Judge Jules & Michael Skins Pumped Up Club Mix) [Mercury]
    07. Olav Basoski & Erick E - 'Mr. Shoestring' (Work Session One EP) [Work]
    08. Basement Of Sound - 'Move And Groove' (Original Mix) [3 beat]
    09. Peter Presta - 'Everybody In The House' (Presta In The House Mix) [Cutting Traxx]
    10. Mighty Dub Katz - 'Magic Carpet Ride' (Son Of Wilmot Mix) [Eye Of The Storm]
    11. Quietman - 'Tranquil' (The Art Of Trance Mix) [Platipus]
    12. unknown - 'unknown' [white label]
    13. Leftfield - 'Song Of Life' [Hard Hands]
    14. V.O.L.V.O. - 'Airbag' (Unknown Mix) [Drive-In Productions]
    15. Deuce - 'Call It Love' (Patrick Prins' Movin´ Melodies Mix) [London]
    16. unknown - 'unknown' [white label]
    17. unknown - 'another love' [white label]
    18. Basement Of Sound - 'Move And Groove' (Original Mix) [3 beat]
    "Great appreciation and respect to "euretrodance90radiomixes" for his help with tracklist(s)"



  2. 1997-12-05 - Judge Jules, Sitting In For Pete Tong Essential Selection, incl Roger Sanchez Hot Mix

    01. Space Brothers - 'Forgiven' [Manifesto]
    02. Juliet Roberts - 'Free Love '98' [Delirious]
    03. Z Factor - 'Gotta Keep Pushing' [Z]
    04. 2 Fat Buddhas vs. Fat-Head- 'Get Down Tonite' [Freskanova]
    05. The Williams Fairey Brass Band - 'Can U Dance' [Blast First]
    06. Babe Instinct - 'Disco Babes From Outer Space' (Original Mix) [Avantura/Positiva]
    07. De'Lacey - 'Hideaway' (187 Lockdown's Hidden Vocal Dub) [Deconstruction]
    08. Somore - 'I Refuse (What You Want)' (Serious Danger Mix) [XL]
    09. Tilt - 'Butterfly' (Tilt's Mechanism Mix) [Perfecto]
    10. Lili Haydn - 'Stranger' (P.Q.M. Alternative Hoody Mix) [Atlantic]
    11. Blackout Allstars - 'I Like It Like That' (Jason Nevins Remix) [DMC - Remix Culture 179]
    --The Usual Suspects--
    12. Department Of Soul Featuring Toney Jones - 'Love Will Find You' (Deep Swing Vocal) [Narcotic]
    13. KGB Connection - 'Oacid' (Rip Da' Groove Mix) [Afro Wax]
    14. BBE - 'Desire' (Full Forces Club Mix) [Triangle/Urban Tracks/Positiva]
    --A short advert section--
    15. DJ Disciple - '12 Steps To Heaven' (The 12 Steps 2 Heaven E.P.) [Narcotic]
    16. Da Hool - 'Meet Her At The Love Parade' (Dextrous Mix Mix) [Manifesto]
    17. Ooze - 'In My House' (Thermostatic Remix) [Crosstrax]
    DJ on the Phone - DJ Tall Paul
    18. Byron Stingily - 'You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real)' [Baby Blue Inside Out Dub] [Manifesto] Tall Paul´s favourite cut
    --A short advert section--
    19. Dimitri From Paris - 'Dim's Jazz' (Latins The House) (Jazzin The House: Ça Chauffe / Dim's Jazz EP) [NRK Sound Division]
    20. John B - 'Reflections' (Visions EP) [New Identity]
    21. Adventure Boys - 'Happy Nation' (Funk Da Soul Mix) [Avantura]
    22. Camisra - 'Let Me Show You' (Tall Paul Remix) [VC]
    23. Groovezone - 'Eisbaer' (Hard Mix) [Additive]
    24. Tyrell Bros. - 'Theme From Blade Runner' (Voodi & Solid Sleep Cyber Floor Mix) [Club Culture]
    --An advert for Blu Peter´s Essential Mix broadcast on Dec 12 1997--
    25. Rob Dougan - 'Furious Angels' (Original Mix) [Cheeky] --The Essential New Tune--
    26. Lynette Smith - 'Only You' (Bugz In The Attic Remix) [Slip 'n' Slide]
    27. The Swimmer - 'Django' [Spirit]  Coool Cuts Chart N.17
    28. BT - 'Flaming June' [Perfecto] --MISSING PIECE FROM RECORDING--
    29. Convert - 'Nightbird' [A&M] --MISSING PIECE FROM RECORDING--
    30. Sneaker Pimps - 'Spin Spin Sugar' (187 Lockdown Vocal Mix) [One Little Indian] Cool Cuts Chart no.7
    31. Nalin & Kane - 'Talkin' About' (Original Club Mix) [Superfly] Cool Cuts Chart No.4
    32. Byron Stingily - 'You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real)' (Serious Danger Magic Steppa Mix) [Manifesto] Coool Cuts Chart N.1
    33. Sergio Mendes - 'Mais Que Nada' (12" Vocal: The Justin Strauss Remix??) [A&M] The Trainspotter Track
    34. Family Stand - 'Ghetto Heaven' (Toni Morelli´s Music Factory Mix) [Perfecto]
    Roger Sanchez - Essential Selection Hot Mix
    35. Daft Punk - 'Revolution 909' (Roger & Junior's Revolutionary War Mix) [Virgin]
    36. Jamiroquai - 'High Times' (Bionic Supachronic Mix) [Work / Sony Soho Square]
    37. Rhythm Masters - 'Deep Inside Of U' (Phat Trax On Wax (Underground Essentials E.P)) [Dis Funktional]
    38. Rolling Stones - 'Anybody Seen My Baby' (Armand's Rolling Steelo Mix) [Virgin]
    39. Smokin Beats - 'Dreams' (Kings Of Tomorrow Vocal) [AM:PM]
    40. The Funk Junkeez - 'Got Funk?' (Da Mongoloids Funktastic Funk Mix) [Strictly Rhythm]
    *A big respect to Sbradyman & Alan - I humbly used a couple of their and my bits and pieces to put together and restore this show as most complex as possible".



  3. 1996-11-xx - Judge Jules, Friday Show, Kiss FM (Tape 1)

    Probably 9th or 15th November 1996
    01. K Klass - 'Let Me Show' (Klub Mix) [Deconstruciton]
    02. Mory Kante - 'Yeke Yeke' ('96 Remixes) (Klubbheads Mega Blast) [Going Global Series/ffrr] Friday Night Club Chart No. 6
    03. Hole In One - 'Life´s Too Short' (Live At Paleis Mix) [Manifesto] Friday Night Club Chart No. 2
    04. Chicane - 'Offshore' (Disco Citizens Remix) [Xtravaganza] Friday Night Club Chart No. 1
    05. Sara Parker - 'MY Love Is Deep' (Nush Northy Dub) [Manifesto]
    06. Lisa Stansfield Vs. The Dirty Rotten Scoundrels - People Hold On (The Bootleg Mixes) (Jon Is The Don Mix) [Arista]
    07. ETA - 'Casual Sub' (Burning Spears) (Mix?) [EastWest]
    08. Panic - 'Get Static' (Mix?) [Vintage]
    09. The Difference - 'Funny Walker' (Tweeky And Funky Remix) [blue]
    10. The Real Brother 2 Brother - 'I Got A Feeling' (A1 'non-info side' Mix) [City]
    11. Discodroids - 'Interspace' (Original Tremolo Mix) [slate]
    12. unknown - 'unknown' [white label] probably from "Anything Goes Session"
    13. 99 Allstars - 'Luv Is All U Need' (Experts Remix) [99 North]
    14. unknown - 'unknown' [white label]
    15. unknown - 'unknown' [white label]



  4. 1997-12-19 - Judge Jules, Friday Studio Session

    01. Unknown - 'Avenues' [white label]   --MISSING PIECE FROM RECORDING--
    02. Unknown - 'Preachers Wife' [white label]   --MISSING PIECE FROM RECORDING--
    03. Da Hool - 'Meet Her At The Love Parade' (Nalin & Kane Remix) [Manifesto]
    04. Groovezone - 'Eisbaer' [Additive]  --MISSING PIECE FROM RECORDING--
    05. Unknown - 'Dooky Boody' [white label]  --MISSING PIECE FROM RECORDING--
    06. Sweet - 'Conversation' [white label: LMT10]  --MISSING PIECE FROM RECORDING--
    07. Accacia - 'Music From A Well Known Place' (Flashback EP) [Accacia]  --MISSING PIECE FROM RECORDING--
    08. Graham Gold - 'Peak Time' [good:as]  --MISSING PIECE FROM RECORDING--
    09. MTF – 'Running' (Original Mix) [Deal Records]
    10. Chemical Brothers - 'It Doesn't Matter' [Virgin]  --MISSING PIECE FROM RECORDING--
    11. Roni Size - 'Brown Paper Bag' [Talkin Loud]  --MISSING PIECE FROM RECORDING--
    12. Prodigy - 'Smack My Bitch Up' [XL]  --MISSING PIECE FROM RECORDING--
    13. Freddy Fresh - 'Drum Lesson' [Eye Q]  --MISSING PIECE FROM RECORDING--
    14. Todd Terry - 'Ready For A New Day' [Manifesto]  --MISSING PIECE FROM RECORDING--
    15. CJ Agnelli - 'State Of The Floor' a.k.a. 'Lush Gold' (Original Floor Mix) [Freerange]
    16. unknown – 'Let The Sunshine In' (??) [white label]
    17. Soundfreaks - 'Play This' (Watch Da Break Mix) [Soundfreaks]
    Bedroom Bedlam Winner - Gary Wardly from Farnborough (Hardbag style)
    18. The Fruit Loop - 'Show Me Love' (Show Me Love/Notice Me EP) [Tripoli Trax]
    19. Mark NRG - 'Don't Stop' (Baby Doc Mix) [Tripoli Trax]
    20. Dyewitness - 'What Would You Like To Hear Again?' (Eldon Tyrell Mix) [Tidy Trax]
    21. Unbalanced Minds - 'It's The Big Beat' (? Mix) [White/Nut Records]
    22. Trickster (CMV's) - ' Move On Up' [AM:PM]  --MISSING PIECE FROM RECORDING--
    23. Byron Stingily - 'You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real)' [Manifesto]   --MISSING PIECE FROM RECORDING--
    24. Kapta - 'Everything Changes' [Freeflow]
    Half Hour Mix
    25. BBE - 'Desire' (Tyrome´s Monkey Mix) [Positiva]
    26. DJ Quicksilver - 'Planet Love' (Untidy Dub) [Positiva]
    27. Ooze - 'In My House' (Thermostatic Mix) [Crosstrax]
    28. Transa - 'Enervate' (Original Mix) [Perfecto]
    29. Rest Assured - 'Treat Infamy' (12" Club Mix) [FFRR]
    30. Atom Heart - 'Untitled' [white label: WE-007]
    31. Furry Salindino - 'Dreamworld' [Progressive High] --very briefly--



  5. 1997-08-17 - Essential Mix #6 - Judge Jules, Studio Session

    BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix with Judge Jules
    Sunday, 17th August 1997
    Studio Mix
    01. Amos & Martin Luther King - 'Let Love Shine/I Have A Dream' (Bootleg) [white label]
    02. Same People - 'Dangerous' (Original Mix) [Locked On/Same People]
    03. Ronaldo - 'Good With The Bad' (Sunday Club Mix) [Blahh!]
    04. Run DMC vs Jason Nevins - 'It's Like That' (Drop The Break) [Smile]
    05. Mutronix - 'X-Amount Of Wickedness' (Dub Plate Style But No Wars) (Ruff Da'Menace Mix) [Obsessive House Recordings]
    06. De Bos - 'On The Run' (Pulp Victim's Remake) [Playground Productions]
    07. DJ Disco - 'We Like Disco' [King Size Records]
    08. Bounce - 'Get Off The Floor' (Heads Up Mix) [Redlight Recordings]
    09. DJ Dero - 'The Horn (El Tren)' (Mortal Whistle Mix) [Manifesto]
    10. 3 Dubbs In A Sleeve - 'Un-Da-Ground' (Volume 2 EP) [Blue]
    11. Daft Punk - 'Alive' (New Wave Final Mix) [Virgin]
    12. Progress Funk - 'Around My Brain' (Miami By Night Mix) [DeConstruction]
    13. Johan S. - 'Da Undaground' (Presents The Prime Target E.P.) [Club Kids]
    14. 187 Lockdown - 'Gunman' (Original Mix) [Nu Jak/East West]
    15. Stef 'n' Sander - 'You Do Me Wrong' (unknown remix) [Strictly Rhythm]
    16. Mac Zimms - 'L'annonce Des Couleurs' (Original) [2Play Records]
    17. Trevor Reilly - 'Down With The Underground' (Original Mix) [Manifesto]
    18. Space Brothers - 'Forgiven (I Feel Your Love)' (Dub Vocal Mix) [Manifesto]
    19. Lustral - 'Everytime' (Nalin & Kane Mix) [Manifesto]
    20. JDS - 'Nine Ways' (Original Mix) [Crosstrax/FFRR]
    21. 4Tress - 'Violated' (unknown mix) [Yeti]
    22. Brainbug - 'Benedictos' (Exitiale Mix) [Positiva]
    23. Da Hool - 'Meet Her At The Love Parade' (Nalin & Kane Mix) [Manifesto]
    24. Tyrome - 'Monkey-Way' (12" Version) [Bonzai Trance Progressive]
    25. Giselle Jackson - 'Love Commandments' (Loop Da Loop Dub) [Manifesto]
    26. Chemical Brothers - It Doesn't Matter (Album Version) [Freestyle Dust]
    27. Michael King - 'Renegade Bass' [Banging Records]
    28. Wasis Diop feat. Lena Fiagbe - 'No Sant' (Flytronix 12" Remix) [Mercury]
    29. unknown - 'unknown' [white label]
    30. Erykah Badu - 'On & On' (West Coast D & B Mix) [Universal Records]
    31. unknown - 'unknown' [white label]
    32. Nookie & Larry Heard - 'Paradise' [SMEJ Associated Records]
    33. Meat Katie - 'Boned' (Lunatic Calm Mix) [King Size]
    34. Max 404 - 'Lament' (Before & After EP) [Evolution / Universal Language Productions Ltd.]
    35. Lexicon vs Machine Man - 'Funk Corner' [Plastic City]



  6. 1996-11-xx - Judge Jules, Friday Show, KissFM (Tape 2)

    01. Noise Maker - 'Moments...' (unknown mix) [strictly Rhythm]
    02. unknown - 'unknown' [white label]
    03. Pianoman - 'Party People' (Live Your Life Be Free) (Umboza Instrumental) [3 Beat]
    -cut in the recording-

    Master Mix -only a short excerpt-
    04. Brainbug - 'Nightmare' (unknown mix) [Additive] -very short excerpt-
    05. Hardfloor - 'Beavis At Bat' (Dave Angel Remix) [Harthouse]
    06. Loop Da Loop - 'Go With The Flow' (Dex & Jonesey's Fruitloop Dub) [Manifesto]



  7. 1996-11-09 - Judge Jules, Saturday Warm Up 4-7, Kiss FM

    01. Escrima - 'Train Of Thought' (12" Mix) [ffrr]
    02. Hed Boys – 'Girls + Boys' (Seka Mix) [Deconstruction]
    03. X Press 2 - 'Say What' (London Underground Mix) [Junior Boys Own]
    04. Signs Ov Chaos – 'Honey' (Album: Frankenscience (Urban Cyberphunk) 1996/7) [Earache]
    05. Rob Tissera - 'Kick Up The Volume' (Diva Rhythms Mix) [XL]
    06. Sara Parker - 'MY Love Is Deep' (Nush Northy Dub) [Manifesto]
    07. The Real Brother 2 Brother – 'I Got A Feeling' (Untitled Mix 1? 2?) [City]
    08. Sound Design aka Todd Terry – 'Bounce To The Beat' (Back From The Dead EP) (Remix?) [TNT] - OR - G.O.D. Limited - Untitled 2? [Chilly] "Come On People Love Stick Together"
    09. Cruzeman - 'Ohm Sessions' (Tech Theme) [Quad Communications] (track no. 5 - Ibiza Reunion edition of Judge and The Jury)
    10. Greenhaus – 'Effect 1' (Don't Be Clever) (Don't Be Clever E.P.) [Eurobeat 2000]
    11. unknown - 'unknown' [white label]
    12. The Difference - 'Funny Walker' (Tweeky And Funky Remix) [blue]
    13. United Nations Project – 'United Nations Of House' (Dex & Jonesey's Remix) [Manifesto]
    14. Baby Blue - 'Child' (Original Mix) [Tin Tin Club]
    15. Grace Under Pressure - 'Make My Day' (Main Mix) [bMG/Ariola Dance]
    16. Faithless - 'Salva Mae' [sister Bliss Remix] [Cheeky]
    17. Hole In One - 'Life´s Too Short' [Live At Paleis Mix] [Manifesto]
    * Great appreciation and respect to "euretrodance90radiomixes" for his help with this tracklist."



  8. 1995-05-xx - Judge Jules, Saturday Warm Up 4-7, Kiss FM

    01. Hashim - 'Al Naayfish' (Boot That Remix) [Orbit/Network]
    02. Unknown - 'unknown' [white label]
    03. Rhythm Masters - 'Come On Y'All' [Faze 2]



  9. 1997-10-00 - Judge Jules arrives on BBC Radio 1 in October 1997

    This sound is a kind of reminiscence of Judge´s DJ career landmark. A compilation of several chunks from the Essential Selection where Pete Tong mentions and interviews Judge Jules himself as he joins BBC Radio One crew after he had left KISS 100 FM London Radio Station.
    These excerpts are taken from three shows back in the day, chronologically ordered from Fridays the 10th, 17th and 24th October 1997.

    Tunes in the background:

    Essential Selection Pete Tong 1997.10.10
    Olive - 'Miracle' (Murk Club Mix) [RCA]
    Liquid - 'Sweet Harmony' (Original Mix) [XL]
    BBE - 'Desire' (Age Of Club Mix) [Triangle/Positiva]
    Key To Life feat Monica Hughes - 'Faithful (Is It Watcha Want)' (80's Club Rehersal) [sub Urban]
    Sex-O-Sonique - 'I Thought It Was You' (Salt City Orchestra Herbie Rides Again Mix) [FFRR]
    Inner Sanctum - 'How Soon Is Now' (Speed Garage Mix) [Popular]

    Essential Selection Pete Tong 1997.10.17
    Busta Rhymes - 'Dangerous' (Album Mix) [Elektra]
    Steve Silk Hurley & The Voices Of Life - 'The Word Is Love (Say The Word)' (Silk's Anthem Of Life) [AM:PM]

    Essential Selection Pete Tong 1997.10.24
    Adam F feat Conrad - 'F-Jam' (Album Edit) [Positiva]
    Dave Clarke - 'Shake Your Booty' [Deconstruction]

    A big respect to Sbradyman - I humbly used a couple of his and my bits and pieces to put together and restore this as most complex as possible recorded soundtrack of the history.