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  1. Exploring amazing memories of Jules shows and music from 2004 to 2007 and exploring the stuff I missed before then

  2. These were extra special shows for me the couple of times Jules covered for Tong in 2008 as Jules had finished on Sat night the year before and so it was a rare treat to hear his house selections again, even if they were a mashup of his selections and the tunes Pete Tong was playing at the time. Two awesome tracks at least on this show brining back magical memories. PNAU - 'Embrace' [sam Le More] a very excellent under rated tune also, I think Fred Falke played that on his awesome essential mix that year. The first half an hour of that set was one of the most memorable a beautiful s
  3. Feeling nostalgic about all the great days gone by, so though I would post a list of every time I have ever seen Jules play a live set since the very first over 10 years ago now aged 19, and invite others to do the same. Maybe many of us will find we were at the same gigs? I have quite a substantial log full of details and some of the momorable & crazy incidents that happend along the way so thought I would share it! I have seen him play 33 times to date, exactly the same number of times as he has been on the essential mix according to Pete Tong! Although most of the time I saw him was bac
  4. I have the recording of that show somewhere aswell lol. I remember him saying how it had come through as an mp3 that very morning and had to go "straight into record of the week mode" lol. Incidently about the new tracklistings design, i think it's an absolute disgrace. Under the new design it appears that only the most recent weeks tracklistings are now available and if u try and view previous weeks (which is combined now with the option to listen again), it just says "this program is no longer available" AND THERES NO MORE LISTINGS!!! :@. I find this absolutely mind boggling how the design
  5. Yes it is!!! Excellent, cheers! A tune like that should never go out of fashion. Thats the kind of record that should be played every week! Thanks again
  6. It's not that track unfortunately :-(. Thanks anyway though. Hopefully someone else might still know. It does sound a bit like the style Haliwell would play though actually. And i just used cubase with the a1 synthesizer to make the re-interpretation. Along with just ripping the beat from a hoxton whores remix lol.
  7. Hey guys, I have this incredible electro house record going round in my head from 2 or 3 years back, but i have no idea what it is! The style of it was a bit of a cross between that of the Hoxton Whores and Ben Macklin, and it sounded like a bit of an underground track so not sure if it was ever fully released. I think jules used to play it though, and I'm pretty sure Dormouse played it on a radio show he did a couple of years back aswell. I was listening back to the show a few weeks ago actually which is when it got into my head, but can't seem to find the file anywhere now . I tried shazami
  8. Hey guys thanks for the replies! I would have replied sooner, but didn't receive any reply notifications as my email address was out of date! Part of me wishes i hadn't said it was a tribute to jules's sat show, then i might not have got so many laughs! lol. LOL about the gay come on one though! lol Note I said it was a triubute to his show, not a tribute to him! lol. I didn't set out with the intention of creating a jules tribute record, but it kind of evolved into that. I was happy to dedicate the end result to his saturday show though as it seemed very appropriate. Also, it's ironic that
  9. I've produced this record as a tribute to jules saturday night show which ends of course this saturday and also really as an appreciation of all the great house and progressive music he's played on saturday nights over the years. I've emailed him aswell to ask whether he'll be continuing with house/progressive tunes in his new show and am now awaiting a response. In producing the record I have drawn on influences from some the greatest house and progressive producers whose material has been played by jules over the past few years. The major influences for me in making this track are Nu Electr
  10. Loving these 2 at the moment.... Leonid Rudenko – ‘Real Life’ [Chris Hoff] (White Life) Aaron McClelland – ‘Oklahoma’ (UMM) Good old McClelland/Fonzerelli just keeps on churning out the tunage. I must have about 12 of his records now even though I only 1st heard about him around Spring 2006 when jules seemed to play another new record of his every single week! After careful consideration, i genuinely would rank him as the best house producer and remixer of 2006 by a long way! Does anyone know much about him or if he dj's at all? Or even if he has a website for that matter?! I've found i
  11. Unbelievebly, not only did jules play this for a 2nd week in a row, but even Pete Tong has just played it now! Looks like their could be a chance that my mysterious little unknown record could be set to become a hit!
  12. Thanks for the offer mate. I might take you up on that, but i just wanna get my mix as good as i can 1st. Thanks for the feedback. The kick and percussion and pretty much everything infact were all produced using a combination of the basic synths provided in fruity loops. I'm trying to figure out how to use and install vst plugins so i can have better quality sounding elements. I gather fruity or cubase are pretty useless for producing without decent vst plugins? Am I right in assuming that? Which vst plugins would you reccommend i use to try and get the record sounding as great as possibl
  13. Thanks. I look forward to hearing ur thoughts . I've actually been working on a funky house tune aswell recently, so i'll start a thread about that aswell later.
  14. Hey guys, i've beefed up the beat on this now, so ur thoughts would be great. Handed a copy to jules on saturday, but any feedback is still appreciated, cheers! Heaven's Vibe
  15. HEY! SUCCESS! 8 Months on to the day since my last post on this, and i've finally discovered what the track is!! I believe Jules actually played it on his show this week after 2 years! However it sounds different (better in parts) and has a different name and is under a different alias. In any case, i've been able to find out what the lyrics actually were, "I'm already loving you again", and discovered that the original title was, "Ben Delay and Sven Last - 'Again'". The new version jules played this week was entitled "Dynamite - 'Loving You'. Samples below of both versions anyhow! 2004 2