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  1. Thing is with Julesy, he DOESNT AGE! In my 20 years of listening to him, he just seems to have grown a beard and thats all lol
  2. So i came across this on Facebook Memories today, timely since i've spent the last week downloading and listening to old Jules mixes. Thought maybe we could have a thread of user pics taken with the Judge, or maybe related DJ's (I have one with Fergie and Yomanda somewhere). This was from Homelands in 99 or 2000, Julesy dressed on point as always! edit: if you're reading Jules, sorry for the obligatory bunny ears
  3. They set up Anjunabeats in 1999, which suggests they had been making music (together or individually) at least a couple years before that. Never say never! Good point about PVD, the greedy bastard.
  4. It honestly sounds like a lange or above and beyond or maybe even PVD bootleg. The lyrics are from ZZ Tops 'give me all your lovin'. I doubt its Gimme All Your Lovin' 2000 (Encounters Space Chase Dub) since everything else about that track (every other version i've heard) is very housey. Shame, as its such a banger.
  5. uffff can't you let us hear the drop?! Sounds like a PUSH remix??
  6. i cannot believe i just used a hashtag on this very site #julsey isn t a junglist, only to come and find this haha! i never heard him play dnb in my life! Dont know this one but sounds a bit LTJ Bukem
  7. Maybe not the forum to post a D&B mix since Julesy was as much a Junglist as I am an Indian, but in case there's any fellow D&B heads in here, this is my latest mix: Planning a classic trance set soon, once its all done and uploaded i'll share that too.
  8. Hey Neuro, Thanks for the welcome, and the reply! I first found a bunch of the 2001 event sets, one of which was Jules vs Fatboy Slim. And yes indeed, Fergie won that year which was a bit suspect since it was the same time he got his R1 residency! Jules was just all about the banter on these DJ battles with his mash ups and that's what it was all about in the end. Fatboy Slim should easily have won that though. THEN i stumbled upon the 2003 show which is actually the one i was after, with that Alanis Vs Josh Wink mash up! I found it here: I'
  9. Ah this is easy for me it's Burn By Kulay (Jules own mix)
  10. Alright folks! Thanks for letting me into this AMAZING forum. I can honestly say that i don't follow the Judge these days, mostly because my tastes have changed, but without a shadow of a doubt, he's one of my biggest idols from back in the day and having lost my bags of old tapes where i'd sit in and record his various sets on radio one, this site is a little goldmine for me! That said, i've been trying to find any recordings (i had on tape but as mentioned, long lost) of the Radio One comic relief DJ battle from...2003/2004 i think. It was a battle between the likes of westwood,