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  1. Pumping you up like a Lilo (Jules' refrain, not mine) ... TONS of classics and "all sorts" of beats n pieces from a by golly earache
  2. Remember 1998?! Here are some of the tunes that Jules rocked us with in Clubland and on the BBC R1 fri -sat shows, and Emixes during 1998 That Slinky live Emix … we were going to go but were seeing Jules @ Gallery Turnmills that same Friday, and he was premiering most of those tunes, and on the R1 shows. The weekend of the gatecrasher live Emix we caught JJ with John Kelly @ Frisky @ MOS. The Soundcity and Ibiza Emixes were pretty good, too … 1998 was Jules big R1 summer roadshow thing. The one at Pierhead in Liverpool was funny, as it wa
  3. Hello, all ... After an immense time it mixing up some classics at bank holiday I have "got the bug" again, and will be dropping fortnightly JJA RETROMIXES into MEMBERS AUDIO section and elsewhere on the web. Tunes aplenty that rocked it with Jules and Kelly, and the other big boys on the circuit from early 90s -99 ... All related nights like Clockwork Orange - Frisky @ MOS - Gallery @ Turnmills - Serious @ The Cross - Velvet Underground - Divine Promotions - Kiss FM all nighters @ various venues, and of course Peach @ Camden Palace with Graham Gold. So, i
  4. Does anyone pre 99 JJ know a tune with a male "Freeeeeee yeah" sample on quite a pumping tune from 97?! Its a very well known sample thats been used on a plethora of tunes going back to early 90s. I want the pumping 97 tune its used on. Tony De Vit was using it in his sets during mid 97 and Jules suddenly started dropping it for a while.
  5. Big tunes ... it funny that you mention the good old daze and how we got into the music, I had been into Jules long before there was a glowstick and Gatecrasher logo in sight. 1988, when I had just started secondary school ha! Kiss was still a pirate station at 94:FM and JJ was a prodigy of Norman Jay's doing Funk and Acid House, pioneering the early Rave scene here in the UK. It funny seeing him known for pure Trance amongst people when he is mentioned today, I know from another era completely lol
  6. Hi to those I've already been in touch with on here and anyone else that wants to hear some prime mid 90s banging tunes ... new mix in AUDIO Section
  7. Got invited to play at a bank holiday bash alongside 2 other DJ's, whose styles I had no clue about,or what was going to be played. They wanted 90s pumping club stuff and I figured the other DJs would be playing trance or just anthem city, and I was right lol. I pulled a few gems out of the hat, and many of them I heard via Jules in the 90s heyday of Kiss FM and London clubbing, when it was at its most and hedonistic messy AKA: pre-surveillance! Lots of good memories OF NIGHTS I CAN'T RECALL with these tunes, a couple of them are hard to find acetates, so sharing the mix here ... enjoy. Especi
  8. Goldies productions and remixes have always been pretty top notch ... I remember Jules caning Goldies rmx of Spirito - Frontiers ... 97 classic
  9. Latest JJ Retromix 96 -97 slammers. Ode to the BOX @ Ministry, when I had to crawl around collecting bits of my brain and other assorted inner sanctum components ...
  10. Haha! Gold and Jules were identical Dj's in style back then ... Gold went on to do the breakfast slot, which is your inference, I think lol ... They did some wicked B2B sets in 95 -96 playing the pumping club stuff of the day @ Peach - Divine and Bagleys
  11. Should be good ... Peach was one of my regular stomps in the mid - late 90s @ Camden Palace (now KOKO) Had some serious nights down there, as well as Clockwork Orange on Saturdays, monthly. Graham Gold and Jules in those days were pretty much the same sounding DJ's. Their flagship shows on Kiss Fm were a staple of our weekend. Gold is a really lovely geezer, not an ounce of ego or big head about him. I caught the Peach reunion last Thursday. The main room was all post 2000 trance, which is really my bag. Gold played the main room, then the back room at 5am for the last set. He did,
  12. Mixup of early - blueprint tunes that more than paved the way
  13. Was booked last min to do a Gym – Arts space lol in Wandsworth … The other two DJ’s were Techno and Hard House but there was no way I was gonna pander to the same styles, so this was the set I came up with. Harder edged than usual with “TONS” of classics lol … was amusing as the other two were @ 145 and I played last @ 140 and nobody noticed the tempo shift. Happy New Year ... more mixes en route
  14. He'd already been on Kiss Pirate for 2 years and putting on parties as Family Function and doing Shoom. He was a different DJ then ... very much the London Sound, along with House and breakbeats it was very downtempo, dubby dance stuff. Bizarre to look at what Kiss devolved to after the 90s. I didn't actually catch Jules Djing live until summer 93. I was 16 and had troubles getting into clubs because I had a baby face lol ... I finally got into AWOL @ Paradise Club in Islington to see Randall playing Breakbeat - Hardcore (Jungle hadn't even landed then but was evolving in between the aforement
  15. Recent set I put together for an old clubbing partner and fiend's 40th lol Starts funky, summer vibe and builds