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  1. On 3/19/2021 at 4:57 PM, DJTomasB said:

    Regarding the Jules´TLs (Mixmag and other sources) I discussed with JasonB and Fuzzy some errors the other day. Namely, TL from Friday Jan 16th 1998. Mixmag printed as for TL from Dec 19th which was wrong. I have bits and pieces from both shows. I think the TL for Jan 16th 98 does not exist anywhere. If you check, there is no record in tracklist section for the Jan 16th Friday session.    


    Indeed, the TL for Jan 16th 98 is not in the archive, and the one JasonB  posted from Mixmag is not matching the one you did for your recording...

    Mixmags: http://www.judgejulesarchive.co.uk/archives/board/index.php?/topic/5330-jules-r1-shows-1998-tracklist-updatescorrections/



  2. 10 hours ago, Spin Doctor said:

    Really enjoying this mix in terms of the tunes selected.  However, doesn't really feel like a Jules mix in terms of mixing style and techniques.  Intuition says this is a digital mix in his name.


    Still good listening to get me through a busy Wednesday morning.


    I had the same feeling... Good tune selection, but it doesn't sound like a live mix at all. But I enjoyed it :)

  3. 2021-04-04 - Judge Jules Kisstory - KISS Fest 2021

    View File

    01. The Beginerz - 'Reckless Girl' (Original Mix) [Cheeky]
    02. Alex Gaudino Ft. Crystal Waters - 'Destination Calabria' [Data]
    03. Big Bass Vs. Michelle Narine - 'What You Do' (Playing With Stones) (Stonebridge Club Mix) [Stonebridge]
    04. Mr Roy - 'Something About U (Can't Be Beat)' (Mr Roy's Deerstalker Dub) [Fresh]
    05. Hyper Go Go ‎– 'High' [Hooj]
    06. Warner Powers vs. Joachim Garraud vs. Axer - 'Space Invaders Count To 123' (Bootleg) [white label]
    07. Getfar - 'Shining Star' (Gianluca Motta Remix) [541]
    08. Dirty Vegas - 'Days Go By' (Scumfrog Vocal Edit) [Credence]
    09. The Streets - 'Blinded By The Lights' (Tristan D & Daz Bailey Remix) [white label]
    10. Baby Blue ‎– R.E.S.P.E.C.T. [Tin Tin Club]
    11. 4 Strings - 'Sunrise' [Liquid]


  4. Hi N2F!


    Sorry to admit that my original post hasn't been updated in a while.... I see to have it updated with links to the remakes and whatever new info has come to light (not much, unless the Youtube thread about the guy with the friend who got the record off Jules after his Lush set is true....).


    As far as I know, there are two real remakes (and that electro thing that just uses the riff).

    Andy Condie - A Place Called Lush

    SA31 & Luvstruck - Lush (SA31 Remake)


    This remake here pretty spot on, in my opinion:


    Regarding Andy's remake: 

    From Andy's above comment from Feb 3rd, it would seem he is still working on it, so he'll probably put his online when it's more complete I guess.



  5. 19 hours ago, DJTomasB said:

    Checking the TL section on JJA, there are many bootlegs and / or white label(s) Judge Jules used to play during his shows, testing the crowd (listener´s) reaction, I guess. In this particular show I am also desperately seeking for Unknown - 'Preachers Wife - probably another bootleg remix of something that might have been connected with The Preacher´s Wife film, starring Whitney Houston in 1996. 


    Or it could have been a legit remix, just named like this so it doesn't looked too poppy ;-)

    Hard to know without an actual audio snippet, but there is a few housy remixes of "Step by Step" which is probably the more obvious choice in terms of which track this is a remix of.





  6. On 4/22/2015 at 7:47 PM, DJTomasB said:

    Thank you FuzzY-LogiC again for the upload. As my other sounds from KISS 100 FM from Nov. 96 this one was also recorded between 9th and 15th, however, does anybody from JJA community could remember when Chicane with Offshore reached the N.1 in Club Chart to help ID the exact date?


    I am wondering if maybe the Kiss FM Club Chart point to the UK Dance Singles Chart...  If it is, Offshore was no.1 December 21st 1996.

    As I am not a UK native, I don't know the charts so well, so perhaps someone else can help here?




  7. As Tomas has mentioned, track 16 might be the A side of this release: https://www.discogs.com/Hair-Prince-Sunshine-Test/release/550029


    As Discogs isn't listing bootlegs releases anymore on marketsplace, i guess the place to find it these days is eBay :)



    Anyone feel like buying it to verify? ;-)

  8. On 3/17/2021 at 7:14 PM, Spin Doctor said:

    I have the Ministry CD which goes with the article if you'd like me to rip and upload?

    That would be great! I think I only ever got the tracklist of that CD from you. :)


    . superstar dj's judge jules .
    (uk 2000 ministry of sound minmagcd05) cd-extra

    01  00:02:00  05:36:30  dj eric presents - desire (disinctive)
    02  05:38:30  04:53:37  mighty high - good times (rosenberg entertainment)
    03  10:31:67  05:35:18  noise floor - good times (combined forces)
    04  16:07:10  03:07:45  techmania rebel - circus beat (original mix) (tidy trax)
    05  19:14:55  05:11:32  mo-dem - contact (we gotta connect) (long mix) (clockwork)
    06  24:26:12  03:35:63  franchino - 999 (nukleuz)
    07  28:02:00  07:20:45  eufex - one on one (arriba)
    08  35:22:45  06:19:17  dial m for moguai - bang the drum (original mix) (data)
    09  41:41:62  08:01:48  sunburst - eyeball (pulser edit) (nebula)
    10  49:43:35  04:23:45  hybrid feat. chrissie hynde - kid 2000-05-11 (distinctive)
    ..  54:07:05  02:32:00
    11  56:39:05  14:23:70  [cd-rom]

    free with ministry magazine issue #030 july 2000 vol.02 cd05

  9. On 3/8/2021 at 11:16 AM, Spin Doctor said:

    I can't believe I'd forgotten what a huge tune this was.  Going to have to rip the vinyl later.  If you wish to be fastidious on the TL I'd change this to:


    10. Cevin Fisher feat. Loleatta Holloway – 'Burning Up' (Queen St. Orchestra Vocal Mix) [Wonderboy]


    Cheers Doc, I've added it to the track list :)