Pete Tong Millennium Eve

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Hi all, 


A bit of a long shot but I was wondering if any of you had a recording of Pete Tong's Essential Selection live from the Pier Head, Liverpool on 31.12.99? He was on at 6pm after Jules finished his Winner's Party set from Derby.





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I think thats as close as you are going to get there. ;)


Anyone reading this, there are loads of old Jules radio shows on Mixcloud. There are a couple to a few i have spotted that have no audio associated with them at all on this site. I guess mods should get on that if they have time.  

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7 hours ago, nick_tierney said:

I have this on cassette, not mp3. Any chance of help?


Hi Nick, 


That is great news! I suppose there are a couple of options; do you have the facilities to digitise the cassette? Or are you able to copy to another cassette and send the copy to me? I'm assuming you are in the UK? I am in Sydney but would obviously pay for the postage. 





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Hi Tim,


I think it’s only a 90 minute cassette not the whole show unfortunately. 

I’ll have a word with the IT guys in work see how easy it is/time consuming and I’ll do it if I can or if not I can post it out to you?


I’ll have to root through my cassettes- got lots of Essential Mixes- the live ones from the late 90s, jules at homelands, bar m in ibiza, london Mardi Gras, a slinky essential mix, essential selections in Ibiza. Oh and a fair few dance anthems shows including one where Jules covered it.


Might be worth me making a list and getting them over to you?

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On 2/28/2021 at 4:22 AM, Loudini said:

I would pay money for this essential selection if it’s possible?


As would I. I never heard any more from Nick unfortunately. 

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