2003-08-09 - Judge Jules and Eddie Halliwell, Punto Es Moli, Ibiza (last 81min)

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2003-08-09 - Judge Jules and Eddie Halliwell, Punto Es Moli, Ibiza (last 81min)

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*01. Milk & Sugar - 'Let The Sunshine In' [1 Off]

*02. Planets - 'Piano Thing' [Vocal]

*03. Lee Cabrera feat. Alex Cartarna - 'Move A Little Closer (Shake it)' [Credence]

*04. Junior Senior - 'Rhythm Bandits' (Santos Mix) [Crunchy Frog]

*05. DJ Dero - 'Revolution' (Robbie Rivera Bangin' Mix) [Nukleuz]

*06. The Lost Brothers - 'Cry Little Sister (I Need You Now)' [incentive]

*07. Dirt Devils - 'Music Is Life' [Nulife]

Gone But Not Forgotten - Des Mitchell

08. DJ Misjah & DJ Tim - 'Access' [FFRReedom]

09. Airscape - 'Sosei' [iD&T]

10. Mauro Damagio - 'I'm Damaged (Lizarazu Mix)' [white label]

Live P.A. - Poloroid

11. Poloroid feat. Danielle Rowe - 'So Damn Beautiful' (Dogzilla Remix) [Decode]

12. Warrior - 'X' [incentive]

Judge Jules' Tried & Tested

13. DJ Tiësto - 'Traffic' [Nebula]

14. Azure - 'Sunset' [Tidy Trax]

Eddie Halliwell Mix

15. Sucker DJs - 'It's Gotta Be' [On]

16. DJ Misjah - 'Promise/Club Freak' (Unknown Remix) [bellBoy]

17. G&VCT - 'Visibility Blizzard' [Artform]

18. CZR feat. Alex Pearce - 'Can You Feel It?' [Texture]

19. DJ Flex - 'Amazing' [subliminal]

20. Big Thrills - 'Donna Does Pills' [white label]

21. Majestic 12 - 'Thunder EP' [subliminal]

Judge For Yourself

22. Ferry Corsten - 'Rock Your Body, Rock' [Purple Eye]

23. Hypertraxx - 'The Promised Land' [Overdose]

24. Jurgen Vries - 'The Wilderness' [Direction]


*= these track were not recorded. Please contact us of you have the missing part of this set.


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