Lush 20 Year Anniversary Livestream

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On 6/18/2020 at 9:13 PM, Spin Doctor said:

I can't believe after all those years at Radio 1, live sets and studio work he can't be bothered to plug in a mic for these livestreams! :(

Ironically, his shoutouts are about the most live thing about these mixes sadly, and even they look like when the dj used to give the mc a nod to say 'your go'. Infuriating really. 

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It is a conundrum; he's gone to the effort to bother recording/broadcasting these during lock down for which he deserves credit.  At this point it's not like he's chasing the social media profile.  The themes behind them are a nice touch too but the pre-recording and dodgy voice overs really detract from the output.  What a shame.


I've listened to two now, this and the Kevin & Perry mix.  Don't think I'm going to bother with another.  Back into the archive I'm afraid.  <_<

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Yet hundreds if not thousands of sheep keep watching his streams. Small minded musically locked in peoples. Fair enough to them. Far better people out there playing a larger variety of music, but nobody supports them because they are not a big name. Jules should have retired a few years ago really. Mighty has fallen massively. Once a inspirer, now just a relic.

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