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We are launching a brand new Radio venture later today, exclusively via https://Techno.FM as Techno Recommends Radio takes to the air!


Having been podcasting for over 6 years we were looking to do something a little different and the Techno.FM link-up made so much sense. We're all super excited to launch a "proper" radio show.


The show will be broadcast every other Friday, 15:00 - 17:00 (UK) via https://Techno.FM needless to say I will be sharing a listen again option via Soundcloud in this thread. Really hope that some of you can tune in live.




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A huge thank you to anyone that managed to tune in live to our debut show. The full show is available to listen again below:


Techno Recommends Radio
with Max Kane


April 30 2021


01. Pfirter & NØRBAK "Life Happens Twice" [MindTrip]
02. Ian Axide "Reset" [Sleaze Reocrds]
03. Transient X4 "The Rox" [Alleanza]
04. Hans Bouffmyhre "Gentle Destruction" [Sleaze Records]
05. Ian Axide "Theory" [Children of Tomorrow]
06. Allan Feytor "Oblivion" [Black Codes Experiments]
07. Pablo Wesler "Title Still Irrelevant 3" (DJ Dextro Remix) [Naked Lunch]
08. George Libe "Density" [Remain Records]


Future Focus
09. Unicel "Background Waves" [Naked Lunch]


10. Ian Axide "Glow" [Children of Tomorrow]
11. Temudo "The Spiritual Song" [Warm Up Records]
12. Wrong Assessment "Zygomatic" [Hayes]
13. A. Paul "Initiation" [Naked Lunch]
14. Alessandro Grops "Xero" [JAM]
15. Natalino Nunes "Bazado" [Hydraulix]
16. Axel Karakasis "Dualtone" [Remain Records]


Techno Recommended - Record of the Week
17. Pfirter "Iron" [Paralelo]


18. Lewis Fautzi "Inwards" [MORD]
19. Linkan Ray "Ancient Myths" [Be As One]
20. Axel Karakasis "Procedures" [Remain Records]
21. Monoplex "Point Blank" [Remain Records]
22. Cristian Varela "Jupiter" (DJ Dextro Remix) [Dolma Records]
23. George Libe "Bouncing Sounds" [Remain Records]
24. Toni Alvarez "Transition 2" [Naked Lunch]
25. Wrong Assessment "Dactylion" [Hayes]
26. Lawrence Kurt "Mirrors" [Children of Tomorrow]


Headline Mix
27. Leo Laker & Orion "Elaborate Plan" [Absence of Facts]
28. DJ Dextro "Omega" (Dub Mix) [Onh.Cet Records]
29. Monoplex "Distressed" [Remain Records]
30. DJ Dextro "Delta" [Onh.Cet Records]
31. A. Paul "Duplicated" [Naked Lunch]
32. Rave Syndicate "Penitence" [Opress Recordings]
33. Pfirter "Modeled Reality" [Paralelo]
34. MarAxe "Judgement" [Hardwandler Records]

Join us for the next edition of the show on Friday May 14th



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