Judge Jules - Regression The House Collection [Purple Cover]

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04. is Barabas & OD1 ‎– Deeper '99  not sure which version


Hands burn is the original, as the fontaine & vern version is this


Popped (Trevor Reilly Remix)


also theres a 18th track Humate - Love Stimulation (Blank & Jones Mix)





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Judge Jules - Regression House Collection [Purple Cover] 1999



01. Loop Da Loop ‎– Hazel (Johan S Toxic Club Mix)

02. Blackout ‎– Gotta Have Hope (Judge Jules Remix)

03. Ruff Driverz Presents Arrola - La Musica (Untidy Dub)

04. Barabas & OD1 ‎– Deeper '99 (Jon The Dentist & Shane Morris 99 Remix)

05.  System F - Out Of The Blue

06. Kaycee ‎– Escape (Signum Remix)

07. Hand's Burn - Good Shot (Fontaine & Vern Mix)

08. The Cardigans ‎– My Favourite Game (Vengaboys Remix)

09. Fool Boona ‎– Popped (Remix ID)

10. Deep Stereophonics ‎– Tuff Groove

11. The Headliners  ‎– Who's My DJ

12. Liquid Child - Diving Faces

13. Double Dutch – Here We Go...!

14. Niels van Gogh - Pulverturm (Quake Remix)

15. ATB - 9PM (Till I Come) (Signum Mix)

16. Hidden Sound System ‎–  Freeze

17. Sakin & Friends* ‎– Protect Your Mind

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i was thinking i shared this before but mabie forgot here we go again  cheers for no 4 jason

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