2001-01-26 - Judge Jules, Live from the University of Portsmouth

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2001-01-26 - Judge Jules, Live from the University of Portsmouth

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BBC Radio 1

Friday, 26th January 2001

9:00pm - 11:00pm

Live from the University of Portsmouth

01. Vitae - 'Energy Flow' [Distinctive]

02. Fred Nasty - 'Goose' [skint]

03. Warrior - 'The Warrior' (DJ Hooligan Mix) [Leaded]

04. Commander Tom vs Marco Dux - 'Baby Mooh York' [Noom]

05. DJ Dan pres. Needle Damage - 'That Zipper Track 2001' (DJ Elite's That Fuct Needle Mix) [Moonshine]

06. Hi-Gate - 'Work It Out' [incentive]

07. Max Graham - 'Shoreline' (Club Mix) [Hope]

08. Kenji Ogura feat. Melanie Di Tria - 'Kreissage Tyb B' (MG Mix) [Tracid Traxx]

09. Unknown - 'The Masterplan EP' [white label]

10. Size 9 vs Rockafellas - 'I'm Ready' (Rockafellas Mix) [Nebula]

11. DJ Elite - 'That Camera' (DJ Elite's Fuct Camera Mix) [white label]

12. Pascal F.E.O.S. - 'I Can Feel That' (Thomas Schumacher Mix) [PV]

13. Dave The Drummer - 'Hydraulix 6' [Hydraulix]

14. Jakatta - 'American Dream' (Lucid Remix) [Rulin]

15. Push - 'Strange World' (2000 Remake) [bonzai UK]

16. Dave Kane - 'Clarkness' (Slacker Remix) [Plastic Fantastic]

17. Max Graham - 'Falling Together' [Hope]

18. David Forbes - 'Questions Must Be Asked' (Kayestone Remix) [Eve/Serious]

19. The Green Martian - 'Industry' [bonzai]

20. Marc Et Claude - 'Loving You' (Ratty Mix) [Positiva]

21. Dreamwaver - 'Liquid:MM' [bonzai]

22. M.I.K.E. - 'Sunrise At Palamos' [bonzai]

23. Ratty - 'Sunrise (Here I Am)' [Neo]


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I can't believe that I haven't stumbled across this set before....downloading now....that tracklist looks amazing.....In my opinion Jules was at his best from 1999 to mid 2001....Another storming mix to add to my ipod

Listen I downloaded the show and it seems that the audio ends at track 19 The Green Martian - 'Industry' [bonzai]

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The Masterplan EP was probably another shelved Hi-Gate production.

Shame - This is an excellent track if I remember rightly. I always wanted to know what it was and kinda guessed it was a Jules/Masterson production too. I bet Jules don't even have it anymore so we'll probably never find out :(

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I congratulate you !!

Dream waver Liquid MM into Sunrise at Palamos ...

an all time classic Judge mix ..

thank you very much !!

I downloaded it ...  ( I already had it on magnetic tape but time told its sorry toll and it is now unplayable) ..

( you R awesome:ph34r:.)

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