1999-01-01 - Essential Mix #11 - Judge Jules, Live From Leeds Town Hall

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  • 2 years later...

Has anyone got the rest of the set? I'm trying to find Ronaldo's revenge mixed with the commentary of Michael Owens goal against Argentina

I have all four hours, Jules hour I subbed. can get the 1st hour of tong ripped tomorrow for you

Thank you Wilfilson you for mentioning that the commentary over Ronaldo´s revenge is one of Michael Owens goal against Argentina. I was wondering what it had been.

Jason, any idea, if Tongy just took this excerpt and mixed it into Ronaldo´s revenge or it might have been a kind of bootleg he played on New Year´s Eve xtravaganza?

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  • 2 years later...

Thoroughly enjoyed this set from Jules. First time i've heard it actually, and downloaded it as soon as i seen the tracklist.

His mixing and timing are bang on throughout. Makes this flow perfectly and keeping the energy high. But what makes this mix great, is the programming. Techy and hard in the middle as well. 


Must have been great to listen to this at the time. Always great to hear 'Out Of The Blue' as well.


'Day Mission' not heard that one before. Tunage

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