2000-01-14 - Ferry Corsten & Paul van Dyk covering for Judge Jules, Studio Session

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That Generation X tune, I remember Tong playing it in a few final 30 minute mixes on The Essential selection, I thought it sounded pretty much like Ferry Corsten production, its actually by Mike Vandenberg! took me years to eventually track down a copy, still rocks the trance trousers hard! :lol:

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This was on constant rotation in the 2000s. Shortly after I'd taped it, I had it on for an entire fortnight in Tignes. My Walkman devoured the batteries! I remember being in a club in Val and pushing the DJ to play PVD!

Great memories!

EDIT- and great site too!

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Hi all, I can put this one to bed now, found the final tune, thanks to Shazam (verified by I-tunes and I have a copy of the vinyl), no wonder we couldn't find it - it was actually a tune from 1996.

Ferry Corsten Mix

01. Generation X - Odyssey [Rewind]

02. Der Dritte Raum - Hale Bopp (Jackdaw Mix) [Additive]

03. Saints & Sinners - Pushin Too Hard [sounds Good Germany]

04. Zero Gravity - A New Sensorium [Marc et Claudes]

05. CFC-12 - Rest In Hell [Colour Box/Noom]

06. Da Hool - Wankers On Duty (Hands Up Wankers Mix) [Kosmo]

07. Transa - Transtar [uG]

08. Insigma - Insigma [Trance Communication]

09. Paul van Dyk - Another Way [Deviant/Mute]

10. Evolution - Phoenix [Fluid UK]

11. Nick K - Fluctuation [Tsunami]

Paul van Dyk Mix

01. Space Manouvres - Stage One (Pariahs Banjo Mix) [Hooj Choons]

02. Gate IV - Give All You Got [Go For It]

03. X-Trax - Plan 94 (The Voyager) (Sunset Sky vs Sneaker Mix) [Pied Piper]

04. SuReal - You Take My Breath Away (Lange Instrumental) [Radiant]

05. Paul van Dyk - Another Way (Main Club Mix) [Deviant]

06. Paul van Dyk - Out There & Back [Deviant]

07. D_Formaz - Stargate (Kay Cee 12" Mix) [Malboro Music/IDE]

08. Subtle By Design - Sirius (DJ Tiësto Mix) [Xtra Nova]

09. Florian F - Surreal Brazil (Essential Drum Mix) [PRG]

10. La Forge - Second Contact [Quad Communications]

11. Mark 1 - Adore X [Mr Chengs Quality Tunes]

Still one of my fav 2 hour sessions of music ever!


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A very high quality mix showcasing some excellent Trance; just had another listen this morning.

Would have been better if the two guests did some of the links though. I remember this happening on another show when either Corsten or PVD covered for Jules. In that case I am fairly certain they covered the entire two hours. Anyone remember this too?

In the age of high speed broadband and laptop sound recording/DJing, I couldn't imagine having to get in a guest presenter to cover on a regular show. It would just be recorded at home/hotel/studio then downloaded by the broadcaster.

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Nothing better than reading people's long searches for sets and then finding them in our archives. Enjoy!

SpinDoc - the 2 hour studio mastermix (subbing in for Jules) by Ferry Corsten is here - one of my favourite mixes ever:


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01. Generation X - 'Odyssey' [Rewind]  seems to actually be Lost Horizon. I've bought two copies of this vinyl for this specific track and both sound like crap during the first minute or so (loads of louf surface noise) leading up to the first breakdown, one even jumps within the first 30 seconds!. Annoyingly there is no other way to get hold of this track even now. I don't know if I am prepared to trust another bad condition grading from someone on discogs or not to finally get a good quality copy of this track.

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I can remember this as if it was yesterday.

Two heavy hitters of the Trance scene, both at the top of their game. Covering for Jules.



Ferry's mix is just amazing from start to finish. Plenty of flow and energy to it. Lost Horizon, is so Dutch Trance, you would think it was his own production. A bit of Prog trance, techy trance and uplifting stuff to boot. Much like his 2 hour mix on Jules show in March 2000.


van Dyk's mix is also good. He's always been my favourite dj, but his mix falls short of Ferry's here. I think his timing is off. But the tunes are absolute class. 



Still have this on cassette somewhere. Good memorys, good times .



The Gate IV 'Give All You Got' (Gate Mix) [Go For It!]

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