1999-12-31 - Judge Jules, Live from Radio 1 Millennium winner's party, Stenson, Derby

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1999-12-31 - Judge Jules, Live from Radio 1 Millennium winner's party, Stenson, Derby

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BBC Radio 1

Friday, 31st December 1999

Judge Jules, Live from Radio 1 winner's party, Stenson, Derby

5:00pm - 6:00pm

01. Basement Jaxx - 'Rendez-Vu' (Original Mix) [XL Recordings]

02. Pete Heller - 'Big Love' (Original 12" Version) [Essential Recordings]

03. Bob Marley vs. Funkstar De Luxe - 'Rainbow Country' (Funkstar's Club Mix) [Club Tools]

04. Mauro Picotto - 'Lizard' [bXR]

05. Da Hool - 'Meet Her At The Love Parade' (Nalin & Kane Mix) [Manifesto]

06. Blank & Jones - 'Cream' (PVD Mix) [Deviant]

07. Fragma - 'Toca's Miracle' [Positiva]

08. Hi-Gate - 'Pitchin' [incentive]

09. Brainbug - 'Nightmare' [Positiva]

10. Ariel - 'A9' [Essential Recordings]

11. Soulsearcher vs. Apollo 440 - 'Can't Get Enough' (Rejected EP) [white label]

12. Yomanda - 'On The Level' [Manifesto]

13. Jaydee - 'Plastic Dreams' [R & S Records]

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This is exactly how I remember Jules back then - starting off with some wonderful House tracks and then going all Trancey.

Everybody should listen to this, something in there for everyone. Great upload

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One of my favourite sets from Jules, I used to get people to listen to this when they hadn't heard Jules or thought they didn't like dance. It usually did the trick! :thumbsup:

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Same here! I was at home getting ready to go out. Had already heard Carl Cox on Bondi beach, recorded this set from Jules, then Pete's show from Cream, and finally set the timer to record Gatecrasher before heading out!! Ah the days before Listen Again!!

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I remember the trailers for this competition ran for week on Radio 1, I missed this at the time as I was already out of the piss at that stage, great to finally hear it, these tunes bring back so many memories of my youth IE (pre kiddie times)

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Found! I was browsing through the Muzik mag archive which was posted on this forum (thanks to whoever put up that link) and it was in the first item I clicked on!



The times printed don't synchronise properly though:

1000-1500 - Zoe Ball : Millinneum Breakfast Show

1245-1400 - Carl Cox : In Sydney Australia

1700 - Emma B & Scott Mills : Millinneum Dance Party

1700-1800 - UK Prize Winners Party*

1800-2000 - Pete Tong : Essential Selection, Cream, Liverpool

2000-2100 - Sasha : Live Hotmix from Gatecrasher, Sheffield

2100-2230 - Danny Rampling : In Capetown South Africa

2230-2330 - Col Hamilton : In Port Rush, Northern Ireland, Lush At Kellys

2330-0030 - Dave Pearce : In Glasgow, Dance Party at King's Street Carpark

0030-0200 - Pete Tong : Cream, Liverpool

0200-0330 - Fatboy Slim : In Cardiff

0330-0445 - Judge Jules : In Sheffield, Gatecrasher at the Don Valley Stadium

0445-0600 - Junior Vasquez : In New York, Twilo

0600-0800 - Paul Okenfold : In London, Home

0930-1030 - Carl Cox : In Honollulu, Hawaii

*Not listed as Jules' set but this has to be the one.

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