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1998-10-16 - Judge Jules, Studio Session

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01. Gordon Matthewman - 'Itza Trumpet Thing' (Funky Space Mix) [XVX]

02. Spacedust - 'Gym And Tonic' [EastWest]

03. Brutal Bill - 'Everybody Get Up' (Stop Biting Our Shit Mix) [Muggsy Records]

04. House Of Glass - 'Playin' With My Mind' (Bini + Martini Vocal Mix) [Azuli Records]

05. Transformer 2 - 'Transformed (Just Can't Get Enough)' (Unknown Remix) [white label]

06. Robert Junior & Danny Polanco - 'Music Thoughts + Emotions' [Empire State Records]

07. The Invisible Man - 'Give A Little Love' (Original Mix) [serious Records]

08. Eric Powell - 'Reach And Hugg' (Olav Basoski's Sampletude Mix) [boo Records Inc.]

09. Inner City - 'Good Life (Buena Vida)' (Unknown Remix) [PIAS UK]

10. Blakkat - 'Full Circle' (Unknown Remix) [shaboom Records]

11. Billie - 'Girlfriend' (Tin Tin Out Remix) [innocent]

12. Untidy DJ's - 'Untidy Dubs Presents Funky Groove' (Unknown Remix) [Manifesto]

13. Love And Fate - 'Love & Fate Part II' (Straight Mix) [boogieman Records]

14. Da Stereophonics - 'Feel Da Beat' [Waves Records]

15. Vengaboys - 'Up And Down' (Airplay XXL) [Positiva]

16. Emmie - 'More Than This' (Translucid Vocal) [Manifesto]

17. DJ Quicksilver - 'Timerider' (Lange Remix) [Positiva]

18. Joi Cardwell - 'Soul To Bare' (Alex Butcher Remix) [Tetsuo]

19. The Snake - 'The Snake' [white label]

20. Armand Van Helden - 'You Don't Know Me' [FFRR]

Half Hour Mix

21. Colonel Gurnell - 'Opus' [spirit Recordings]

*22. Faithless - 'Take The Long Way Home' [Cheeky]

*23. Hand's Burn - 'Good Shot' (Fontaine & Verne Mix) [spot On]

*24. Fool Boona - 'Popped' [uber Disko]

*25. Yves Deruyter - 'To The Rhythm' (Unknown Remix) [bonzai]

*26. Babe Instinct - 'Disco Babes From Outta Space' (Unknown Remix) [Positiva]

*27. Soundstation - 'New Direction' (Unknown Remix) [sOS]

*= These tracks sadly did not survive, so if anyone have this missing portion of the show, please contact the staff. Thanks!

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