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  • BBC Radio 1
    Live from Naughty But Nice, Hereford (Live Broadcast)

Side A

01. Stretch 'n' Vern - 'I'm Alive' [Spot On]
02. The Feelgood Factor - 'The Fonk Train' (Electric Mix) [Southern Fried]
03. D. Jazz - 'Bee Bop' (Super Mix) [DFC]
04. Boris Dlugosh pres. Booom! - 'Keep Pushin'' (Jules & Skins Mix) [Manifesto]
05. Express Of Sound - 'Real Vibration (Want Love)' (Real Club Mix) [Positiva]
06. Afrowax - 'English 101' (Unknown Mix) [Respect!]
07. Drivetrain - 'Ride 'Em' (Acapella Mix) [Soiree Int]
08. Jason Nevins - 'The Real (Oh La La La)' [Steady Beat]
09. Outrage - 'Tall 'n' Handsome' (Dex & Jonesey Club Mix)) [Positiva]
10. Unknown - 'Unknown' [white label]
11. The Ultimate Seduction - 'Ultimate Seduction' (Klubbheads Remix) [Blue Limited]
12. Mory Kanté - 'Yeke Yeke' (Klubbheads Mega Blast) [FFRR]
13. Jumpstart - 'The Beat Is Pumpin' [Naughty But Nice]
14. Nexxt Millennium - 'Never Gonna Get Enough (Dies Irae)' (A&L Club Mastermix) [Aureus]


Side B
14. Nexxt Millennium - 'Never Gonna Get Enough (Dies Irae)' (A&L Club Mastermix) [Aureus]
15. BBE - 'Seven Days And One Week' [Positiva]
16. Brainbug - 'Nightmare' (Sinister Strings Mix) [Positiva]
17. Animals By Night - 'Heaven [Acetate]
18. KLM - 'Wake Up!' [Full Ace]
19. Tori Amos - 'Professional Widow' (Armand's Star Trunk Funkin' Mix) [Atlantic]
20. Dex & Jonesey - 'Lay Low' [Acetate] + Mr. Fingers ‎– 'Can You Feel It' [Acapella]
21. Huff & Puff - 'Help Me Make It' (Mix No. 1) [Skyway]
22. Lisa May - 'The Curse of Voodoo Ray' (Full 8 Mins Edit) [Juicebox]
23. Mr Spring - 'Voyager' (V1.41) [Spring]

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