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  • BBC Radio 1
    Radio 1 Dance Party - Live from Irvine Beach Park (Live Broadcast)
    9:00pm - 11:00pm

John Manzini

01. Bob Sinclar - 'Ultimate Funk' [Yellow]

02. Prophets of Sound - 'High' (Prophets Of Sound Outta Space Mix) [Distinct'ive]

03. Bob Sinclair – 'Gym Tonic' [East West/Yellow]

04. Plastika – 'Disco Dancing' (Original Club Divine Mix) [ultraxx/Ffrr]

05. unknown – 'unknown' [white label]

06. Phil Fuldner – 'The Final' [Kosmo/Logic]

07. unknown – 'unknown' [white label]


Colin Tevendale

08. The Tamperer ft. Maya – 'Feel It' (Klubbheads Remix) [Pepper]

09. Storm – 'Storm' (Rollercoaster's Pumped Up Mix) [Positiva]

10. Recall 22 - 'Subenos Juntos' [Cross Trax]

11. Jonesy – 'Independence' (Stadium Mix) [Caged]

12. The Experience Junkie - 'Reefer' [white label]

13. Vengaboys – 'Up And Down' (Airplay XXL) [Positiva]

14. Quake – 'The Day Will Come' (Quake's Vocal Mix)[Ffrr]

15. Paul Van Dyk – 'For An Angel' (PVD E-werk Club Mix) [Rough Trade/Jive]

16. Cool Britannia - 'Waves' (Surfs Up Mix) [Crosstrax]


Dave Pearce

17. David Morales pres. The Face - 'Needin' U' (Original Mistake) [Manifesto]


Live P.A. - Tzant

18. Tzant – 'Sounds Of Wickedness' (PF Project Def Scratch Mix) [Logic]

19. Tzant – 'Bounce With The Massive' (Radio Edit) [Logic]


Dave Pearce

20. Klubbheads – 'Kickin' Hard' (Klubbheads Euro Mix) [Wonderboy]

21. D*Menace – 'Deep Menace' (Spank) (Burger Queen Mix) [inferno]


Ruff Driverz

22. Ruff Driverz – 'Deeper Love' [inferno]

23. Ruff Driverz – 'Shame' [inferno]


Dave Pearce

24. Stardust – 'Music Sounds Better With You' [Roule]



25. Lucid – 'I Can't Help Myself' [Delirious]

Edited by FuzzY-LogiC

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