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  • BBC Radio 1
    Saturday Show (Other)
    5pm - 7pm saturdays

judge jules
broodcost moy ISth 1999



01.  My name Is Fatboy (White Label)

02. Powerhouse - "What U Need' (Defected)
03. Chemical Brothers -  ‘Hey Boy Hey Girl (Virgin)
04. Chicane - 'Saltwater' (Xtravaganza)
05. Wiseguys -  'Ooh La La’ (Wall Of Sound)

06. Michael Watford - 'Reach On Up’ (Tuff Jam)

07. Lost Witness - "Happiness Happening’ (Sound Of Ministry)
08. Fire Island - ‘There But For The Grace Of God' (Future Shock Remix) (White Label)

09. Armand Legpull - "The Boogie Rockit' (White Label)

10. ‚Agenda - 'Heaven' (White Label)
11. Gouryella - "Gouryella' (Tsunami/East West)

12.‚Clubland - 'Set Me Free’ (Luxury Unlimited Remix) (White Label)
13. Brainbug - ‘Rain’ (Positiv)

14. Icon -  ‘Voco Me’ (Flim Flam Mix) (Low Sense)

15. Rhythm Masters - "Ibiza In My Soul’ (Todd Terry Mix) (White Label)
16. Edipse - 'Makes Me Love You' (Azuli)
17. DJ Jurgen -  ‘Better Off Alone’ (White Label)

18. ‚Harry Choo Choo Romero - 'Hazin & Phazin’ (Subliminal)

19. ‚Angel Alanis - ‘Chi's Revenge’ (White Label)

20. Space Brothers - Legacy’ (Mash Up Matt Mix) (Manifesto)

21. Johnny Vicious - ‘Moments’ (White Label)

22. DJ Rap - 'Good To Be Alive' (Judge Jules Mix) (White Label)
23. Interfearence - 'Religious Revolution‘ (Electronically Enhanced)

24. Persuaders -  'Mercurial ' (White Label)

25. ATB - '9PM Till | Come’ (White Label)

26. The Morrighan - ‘Remember’ (White Labei)



broodcost on radio one
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