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  • BBC Radio 1
    From the 2fm Lush Arena, Homelands (Live Broadcast)

Scott Bond
01. The Driver Project - 'Join Me' (Julian D'or Club Mix) [Urban]
02. Jonah - 'Sssst... (Listen)' [VC]
03. Miss Shiva - 'Dreams' [Dance Division]

Judge Jules
04. Frankie Goes To Hollywood - 'The Power of Love' (Rob Searle Remix) [ZTT]
05. Darude - 'Sandstorm' [Neo]
06. The Act - 'Something About You' [spot On]
07. Angelic - 'It's My Turn' [serious] LIVE PA
08. Storm - 'Time to Burn' [Positiva]
09. Tecmania Rebel - 'Circus Beat' [untidy Trax]
10. Yomanda - 'On the Level' [Manifesto]
11. Hi-Gate - 'Voices' [Incentive]

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