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  • BBC Radio 1
    Saturday Show (Studio Session)
    5:00pm - 7:00pm

01. Spiller 'Groovejet (If This Ain't Love)' [Positiva]
02. Afro Medusa - 'Pasilda' [Azuli]
03. Yomanda - 'On The Level' [Manifesto]
04. Zombie Nation - Kernkraft 400' (DJ Gius Remix) [Data]
05. Robbie Rivera Pres. Rhythm Bangers - 'Bang' [Rise]
06. Baby D - 'Let Me Be Your Fantasy' (Rank 1 Remix) [Systematic]
07. This Is Radical - Music In You' [White label]                              
08. Storm - 'Time To Burn' [Data]
09. Sonique - 'Sky Superfunked' [White label]
10. Tyrrell - 'You Are My Sun' [Nothing Music]
11. The Space Brothers - 'Heaven Will Come' [Manifesto]


Judge Jules - Tried And Tested
12. Delerium - 'Silence' (DJ Tiesto In Search Of Sunrise Remix)' [Yeti]


13. SuReal - 'You Take My Breath Away' [Cream]
14. Stampede - 'Mira Me' [Stampede]
15. Santos - 'Camels' [Mantra Vibes]
16. Champion Burns - 'Shred It Up' [DP]
17.  Velvet Girl - 'Velvet' [Additive]


Judge It Yourself
18. Josh Wink & Lil' Louis - 'How's Your Evening So Far?' [FFRR]


19. Mario Più - 'Library' [Nukleuz]
20. Dusted - 'Always Remember To Respect And Honour Your Mother' [Go! Beat]
21. E-Craig - 'Dutch Drum Attack [Y2K]
22. Condor II - 'You Can (Kiss My... )' [Additive]



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