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  • BBC Radio 1
    Judge Jules vs. Fatboy Slim, Essential Relief (Round 1 - Heat 1) (Live Broadcast)

01. Fatboy Slim - Space Cowboys - 'Round & Round [southern Fried]
02. Judge Jules - Mauro vs. Shirley [white label]
03. Fatboy Slim - Scanty Sandwich - 'Get Next To The Opposite Sex' [southern Fried]
04. Judge Jules - Hi Gate vs. Marilyn [white label]
05. Fatboy Slim - Mr Rumble - 'Whoops - We'll Be In Trouble' [Cheesy Records]
06. Judge Jules - Da Hool vs. Human League [white label]
07. Fatboy Slim - Art Of Noise - 'Metaforce' (Rhythm Masters Remix) [ZTT]

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