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  • BBC Radio 1
    Live at Orgasmatron (by Radio Italia Network) (Live Broadcast)

01. Fergie - 'Bass Generator' (Robbie Rivera Big Room Mix) [Duty Free]

02. Fredrick Almquist – 'Being And Becoming' (Marco Carola Remix) [Drumcode]

03. Marco Bailey - 'Caprioska' [MB Elektronics]

04. Danilo Vigorito - 'Imaginary Boy' (Imaginary Boy EP) [Zenit]

05. Boca - 'Play With Me' [Temprogressive]

06. Krystal K - 'Let's Get It Right' (Altitude Mix) [incentive]

07. Hi-Gate - 'Saxuality' [serious]

08. Warrior - 'If You Want Me' (Original Mix) [incentive]

09. D*Note - 'Shed My Skin' (Airwave Mix) [VC]

10. Fargo - 'Can't Control' (Shimono Mix) [Pulse]

11. Black Spider - 'I Will!' (Bass Boom Mix) [Wicked Tunes]

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