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  • BBC Radio 1
    Saturday Show (Studio Session)
    7:00pm - 9:00pm

01. Morjac - 'Saturday' [white label]

02. Mint Royale - 'Singing In The Rain' [Eye Industries]

03. Missy Elliott - 'Lose Control' (Unknown Remix US) [white label]

04. Axwell - 'Feel The Vibe' (Vocal Mix) [Oxyd]

05. Tango - 'The Drummers Been Kicked' [white label]

06. B'Jammin - 'Higher State' [white label]

07. Ignition - 'Airtight' [Recess]

08. Nu Electric - 'No Matter What' [Free For All]

09. Deux - 'Sun Rising Up' (Jupiter Ace Mix) [Azuli]

10. Perfecto Allstars - 'The Club Theme' [Perfecto/Warner]

11. Alex Gold - 'Back From A Break (The Party's On)' [Xtravaganza]

Judge Jules' Tried & Tested

12. Coburn - 'We Interrupt This Program' (Interrupted Vocal Mix) [Great Stuff/Frontier]

13. Paul Masterson - 'Pull For 2' [white label]

14. Ein Music - 'Jittery Heritage' [Virgin]

15. Fischerspooner - 'Never Win' (Benny Benassi Mix) [Capitol/EMI]

16. Coldplay - 'Speed of Sound' (Karl G Mix) [white label]

17. DJ Scot Project - 'I (Need You)' [Overdrive]

18. Dynamic Sense - 'Get Your Feet Back On The Ground' [white label]

19. Major Players - 'Come With Me' [white label]

20. Jan Loper - 'Free Your Mind' [white label]

Judge Jules' 30 Minute Mix

21. Randy Katana - 'Pleasure Island' [spinnin']

22. Above & Beyond vs. Lange - 'Believe In Surrender' (Noff's Bootleg) [white label]

23. Sayla - 'Majestic' (Arizona vs. Passiva Mix) [Dedicated]

24. Slipstreem - 'Slipstreem' [AATW]

25. BK & Judge Jules - 'Seizure' (BK & Jules' Ibiza Dub) [Riot! Recordings]

26. Jason Still - 'Superman' [white label]

27. Michael Parsberg vs. Flipside - 'The Box' [Go For It!]

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