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  • BBC Radio 1
    Saturday Show - Live from the Tidy Weekender (Live Broadcast)
    7:00pm - 9:00pm

Judge Jules in the Radio 1 Chalet

01. Dennis The Menace - 'Time To Turn Around' [white label]

02. Hound Dogs - 'I Like Girls' (Young Punx Remix) [Direction]

03. Blackfras - 'Moving Into The Light' (Freemasons Mix) [universal]

04. Starview - 'Discoteca' [FTM]

05. Bob Sinclair - 'Love Generation' [Defected]

06. Discoboys feat. Manfred Mann's Earth Band - 'For You' (Dub Mix) [Kontor]

07. Tocadisco - 'You're No Good For Me' [superstar]

08. Eurythmics - 'I've Got A Life' (David Guetta & Joachin Garroud Remix) [Arista]

09. Richard Durrand - 'Make Me Scream' [Terminal 4/Zzap]

10. Green Day & Dave Onex - 'Broken Dreams' [white label]

11. Yomanda - 'On The Floor' [white label]

Judge Jules Live On The Radio 1 Stage

12. Organ Donors - 'Turntablism' (Public Domain's Scratchmaster Mix) [Tidy Trax]

13. Southside Spinners - 'Lovestruck' [AM:PM]

14. DJ Res - 'Hostess' [white label]

15. Martin Roth - 'Shockwaves' [white label]

16. Mory Kante - 'Yeke Yeke' (Karl Gunton Remix) [white label]

17. DJ Elof pres. E-Love - 'Vrantique' [bonzai Music]

18. Randy Katana - 'Play It Loud' [Jinx Holland]

19. Marco V - 'False Light' [white label]

20. DHT - 'Listen To Your Heart' (F&W Mix) [white label]

21. Elegance - 'Intense' [Waterworld]

22. Underworld - 'Born Slippy' (Unknown Remix) [white label]

23. Ralph Novell vs Bas Ram - 'Dancetour Anthem' [white label]

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