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  • BBC Radio 1
    Live from Independance 2005 Poznañ Vol.4 (Live Broadcast)

01. Pervading Call Two - 'On My Mind' (x900 Remix) [Drizzly]

02. D.H.T. feat. Edmee - 'Listen To Your Heart' (F&W Remix) [Data]

03. DJ Elof presents E Love - 'Vrantique' (remix) [bonzai]

04. Lume - 'Lume' (Original Mix) [Monster Force]

05. Danny C. Vs John Moon - 'No Way Out' (Danny C. Mix) [Clockwork]

06. Marcel Woods - 'Advanced' (Bootleg) [white label]

07. R.O.O.S. - 'Instant Moment' (Marino S. Happy Mix) [stip]

08. NuNrg - 'Casino' [Monster]

09. Chagall - 'I Dont Know' [E-Cutz]

10. Dumonde vs Judge Jules - 'Whats in your head' (A1 original mix) [Fate]

11. Ferry Corsten - 'Fire' (Flashover Remix) [Positiva]

12. Randy Katana - 'Play it Louder' (Original Mix) [spinnin']

13. E-Love Presents Vrantique - 'Vrantique' (Varantique Remix) [bonzai]

14. Fred Baker Vs Greg Nash - 'Electro Shock' (Original Mix) [2 Play]

15. Richard Durand - 'Make Me Scream' (Original Mix) [Terminal 4]

16. Fred Baker - 'Total Blackout' (Original mix) [ADN Progressive]

17. Push - 'Universal Nation' (Original mix) [inferno]

18. Blanco Diablo - 'Absolute Control' (Dub Mix) [white label]

19. Dark Alliance - 'Genetic' [ADN Progressive]

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