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  • BBC Radio 1
    Saturday Show (Studio Session)
    7:00pm - 9:00pm

01. Hound Dogs - 'I Like Girls' (Young Punx Mix) [Direction]

02. SPF - 'Super Miracle' [white label]

03. Switch - 'A Bit Patchy' (Beat Thief's Mix) [Dubsided]

Judge Jules' Funky Tried & Tested

04. Dennis The Menace - 'Time To Turn Around' [white label]

05. Meck - 'Thunder In My Heart Again' (Starlet DJs Mix) [Miami Connection]

06. Dero Feat. Lee John - 'Dero's Illusion' [subliminal]

07. Timo Garcia & The Cheshire Catz - 'Discotech' [berwick Street]

08. Nimrod - 'My Life (Modelle)' [white label]

09. The Prodigy - 'Girlz' (Unknown Remix) [XL]

10. Kate Bush - 'King Of The Mountain' (Grand Canyon 'Kick Inside' Remix) [white label]

11. Benny Benassi - 'Who's Your Daddy?' [white label]

12. Voodoo & Serano - 'Don't You Know?' [white label]

Judge Jules' Harder Tried & Tested

13. DJ Elof Pres. E Love - 'Vrantique' [bonzai Music]

14. Marco V - 'False Light' [in Charge]

15. Nick Sentience - 'Jacques 4' [white label]

16. Pervading Call - '2 On My Mind' [white label]

17. DHT - 'Listen To Your Heart' (F&W Remix) [Data]

18. Signalrunners - 'Corrupted' [white label]

The Saturday Night Mix (30 minutes)

19. Above & Beyond - 'Alone Tonight' [Anjunabeats]

20. Lume - 'Lume' (Original Mix) [Monster]

21. AJS - 'Fantasy Island' [white label]

22. Solar Stone - 'Eastern Block' (Martin Roth Mix) [white label]

23. Solid Globe - 'Black Wood' [Fundamental]

24. Jam X & De Leon - 'Keep It This Way' (DJ Gert Remix) [white label]

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