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  • BBC Radio 1
    Saturday Show (Studio Session)
    7:00pm - 9:00pm

01. Antoine Clamaran - 'Keep On Trying' [Ambassede]

02. Avalon Superstar - 'All My Love' [white label]

03. Yordis - 'Tonight' [Mena Music]

Funky Tried & Tested

04. Slash Dash - 'White Horse' [ELP]

05. Motano vs. The Trumpet Man - 'It's A Trumpet Thing' (Unknown Mix) [white label]

06. Infernal - 'Paris To Berlin' (Hoxton Whores Mix) [ultra US]

07. Digital Dog Feat. 45 Flat - 'Dirty' [Amato]

08. Steve Forest vs. The King - 'You Can't Stop' [Hit Records]

09. DT8 Feat Mory Kante - 'Narama' [Mondo]

10. Axer vs. Powers - 'Space Invaders' [white label]

11. Brainbug - 'Nightmare' (Steve 'n' King Mix) [white label]

12. Teamsters - 'Feels Like Love' [Positiva]

Harder Tried & Tested

13. Dacove - 'The Underground' [white label]

14. Robbie Rivera - 'Your Mistake' [Toolroom]

15. Team SR - 'Leaving London' [Five AM]

16. Gnarls Barkley - 'Crazy' (Karl G Mix) [white label]

17. Gabriel & Dresden - 'Tracking Treasure Down' (Club Mix) [Organized Nature]

18. Above & Beyond vs. Dogzilla - 'A Tri-State Without You' (Frase's Introzilla Mash-up) [white label]

The Saturday Night Mix

19. Gustavo Santanda - 'The Wings (Theme From Brokeback Mountain)' (Gabriel & Dresden Mix) [white label]

20. Mr.Sam Feat. Kirsty Hawkshaw - 'Insight' (T4L Mix) [Maelstrom]

21. Yves De Ruyter - 'Back To Earth' (Rave Mix) [bonzai]

22. Fear Force - 'Shaolin' [white label]

23. Amber - 'Sexual' (Noff & Chris Raven Mix) [white label]

24. Fabio Stein - 'Tran 4' [Maelstrom]

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