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  • BBC Radio 1
    Saturday Show (Studio Session)
    7:00pm - 9:00pm

01. Loleatta Holloway - 'Love Sensation' (Hi_Tack Mix) [Gusto]

02. Miami Dub Machine - 'Free With Your Love' (Fonzerelli Mix) [white label]

03. My Friend Sam - 'My Pleasure 06' [Exit Records]

Funky Tried & Tested

04. Bakernan - 'Bakerman' [white label]

05. Walken - 'Boy' (Freemaison)

05b. Fonzerelli - Moonlight Party

06. DT8 Project ft. Mory Kante - 'Narama' [Mondo]

07. Heliac - 'Move It' [white label]

08. Axer vs. Powers - 'Space Invaders' [white label]

09. TTLC - 'Never Ever' [white label]

10. DJ Ghost - 'Ghost Style' [Dope Wax]

Harder Tried & Tested

11. Emjay - 'Stimulate' (Dogzilla's Depth Charge Mix] [High Contrast]

12. Team SR - 'Leaving London' [Five AM]

13. Martin Roth - 'Hands on Sandman' [white label]

14. Joint Operations - 'Elevator Dance Off' [white label]

15. Deep Skies - 'Little Bird' (Mike Koglin Mix) [Maelstrom]

16. Above & Beyond vs. Dogzilla - 'A Tri-State Without You' (Frase's Introzilla Mash-Up) [white label]

Saturday Night Mix

17. Mr Sam ft. Kirsty Hawkshaw - 'Insight' (T4L Mix) [Maelstrom]

18. Above & Beyond - 'I Can't Sleep' (Maori Mix) [Anjunabeats]

19. Disco Citizens - 'Footprint' ('97 Revamp) [Xtravaganza]

20. Sean Tyas - 'Remember' (Serenade Mix) [white label]

21. Joshua Ryan vs. Marcel Woods - 'Cherry Whip' (Mark Eteson Mash-Up) [white label]

22. Abel Ramos - 'Electro Fun' (E.Craig Mix) [spinnin]

Audio discussion thread:

I have the audio for this and numerous other shows not yet archived but as the file upload limit is 5MB I can't upload it. Are the files supposed to be hosted elsewhere and just directed to from here?

No link available

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