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  • BBC Radio 1
    Saturday Show, start of new features Back to the Old School & The Last Dance (Studio Session)
    7:00pm - 9:00pm

01. Miami Dub Machine - 'Be Free With Your Love' (Fonzerelli Mix) [uMM]

02. Big Bass - 'What You Do' (Stonebridge Mix) [stonebridge Recordings]

03. Leisure Groove - 'Fine Art' [white label]

Funky Tried & Tested

04. Til West & DJ Delicious - 'Same Man' [Data]

05. Blue Ray - 'You And Me' [white label]

06. MYNC Project - 'Something' (Aaron Mcclelland Mix) [CR2]

07. Rainy Daze - 'Sexy' [white label]

08. Digital Dog featuring 45 Flat - 'Dirty' [Data]

09. Heliac - 'Move It' [Nitrox Belgium]

10. Hitching Hippy - 'Hitching Hippy' [white label]

11. BK & Judge Jules - 'I Don't Know' [Riot Recordings]

Harder Tried & Tested

12. L.R. - 'Stardisease' [white label]

13. Digital Deviant pres. Marcel Woods vs. 666 - 'Monotone Devil' [white label]

14. Brian Cross - 'Over My Skin' (Organ Mix) [Juicy Too]

15. Avalon Superstar - 'All My Love' (Joe Bermudez Mix) [The Media Factory]

16. Martin Roth's Hands On Steve Angello vs. Metallica - 'Sandman Is Dancin' [white label]

17. Joshua Ryan vs. Marcel Woods 'Cherry Whip' (Mark Eteson Bootleg Mix) [white label]

Back To The Old School

18. Johnny Shaker - 'Pearl River' [Fire Recordings]

The Saturday Night Mix

19. Emjay & The Atari Babes - 'Stimulate' (Dogzilla's Depth Charge Mix) [High Contrast]

20. Sean Tyas - 'Remember' [Noiziest]

21. Guiseppe Ottaviani - 'Through Your Eyes' [Vandit]

22. Ron Van Den Beuken - 'Find The Way' [Liquid]

The Last Dance

23. Shindig Pete - 'Who's Watchin The Dancefloor' [white label]

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