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  • BBC Radio 1
    Saturday Show - Live from Escape Into The Park, Swansea guest mix from Eddie Halliwell (Live Broadcast)
    7:00pm - 9:00pm


01. Danny J - 'Happiness' [white label]

02. Supermode vs. Roger Sanchez - 'Turn On The Why' [white label]

03. Simmons - 'The Weekend' [spinnin']

04. Miami Dub Machine - 'Be Free With Your Love' (Fonzerelli Remix) [uMM]

05. LR - 'Stardisease' [white label]

Judge Jules live from the Radio 1 Outdoor Stage

06. The Clash - 'Should I Stay Or Should I Go' (Roman Pushkin Remix) [spirit]

07. Big Bass - 'What You Do' (Stonebridge Remix) [Apollo]

08. Antoine Clamaran vs. Philippe B - 'In My House' (Philippe B Remix) [white label]

09. Slash Dash - 'White Horse' [ELP]

10. The Hoxton Whores - 'Venetian' [Whore House]

11. Francesco Diaz & Young Rebels - 'Ibiza' (WAWA Club Mix) [Musica Diaz Toro]

12. Randy Katana - 'Plastic Fantastic' [spinnin]

13. Kalwi & Remi - 'Explosion' (Jorn Marks Remix) [white label]

14. Dave Spoon - 'Outside' [Toolroom]

15. Judge Jules - 'Keep Me Running' (Fabio Stein Remix) [white label]

16. Joshua Ryan vs. Marcel Woods - 'Cherry Whip' (Mark Eteson Bootleg Mix) [white label]

17. Team SR - 'Leaving London' [Five AM]

18. DuMonde - 'Tomorrow' (Bas Ram vs. Ralph Novell Remix) [Fate Recordings]

Eddie Halliwell live from the Radio 1 outdoor stage

19. Greg Downey - 'Vivid Intent' (Greg Downey Rework) [Discover]

20. John O'Callaghan & Bryan Kearney - 'Exactly' [Discover]

21. Guiseppi Ottoviani - 'Through Your Eyes' [Vandit]

22. Seb B - 'Mass Noise' (Sean Tyas Remix) [white label]

23. Oliver Giacomotto & Stephane Signore - '800km' [Ying Yang]

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