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  • BBC Radio 1
    Coloursfest, Glasgow (Live Broadcast)
    11:00pm - 01:00am

01. Just Jack - 'Writer's Block' (Thomas Gold Mix) [Mercury]
02. MTV - 'I Wish' (Tom Novy Mix) [Royal Flush France]
03. David Guetta - 'Love Is Gone' [Gum France]
04. Axwell - 'I Found You' [Axtone]
05. Bugz In The Attic vs Switch - 'Don't Stop The Music' (Dormouse Re-Edit] [White Label]


One For The Weekend - Trophy Twin's Choice
06. Supermal - 'Bigger Than Big' (Micky Slim Mix) [Eye Industries]


07. Robbie Williams - 'Bongo Bong And Je Ne T'aime Plus' (Fedde Le Grande Mix) [Chrysalis]
08. Tim Deluxe - 'Let The Beats Roll' [Skint]
09. DT8 Project - 'The Power Of One' [Mondo]
10. Moussa Clarke feat. The Police - 'Unknown' [White Label]

Live on Radio 1 Outdoor Stage

11. Red Hot Chili Peppers - 'Waiting For' [Genix Mix] (Data]
12. Frank Farrell & Riggsy - 'Disabled Disco' [Nil By Mouth]
13. Tom Day - 'Whisper' [Kitschy]
14. Filo & Perri - 'Anthem' (Cosmic Gate mix) [Vandit]
15. Randy Katana - 'Session Impossible' [Jinx]
16. Judge Jules - 'Laid Bare' [Maelstrom]
17. DT8 Project - 'Sun Is Shining Down On Me' [Nebula]
18. Headstrong - 'Symphony Of Soul' [Sola]
19. Johan Geilen - 'Magnatude' (Fabio Stein Mix) [Tunes For You 6]
20. Paul Miller - 'O.T.' (Sound Players Remix) [Real Music]
21. Travel - 'Bulgarian' (Lee Haslam Remix) [Tidy]
22. Marc Marberg With Kyau & Albert ‎– 'Megashira' [euphonic]

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