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2008-11 - November Mix


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    Live at Ministry of Sound, London (Never broadcast)

Recorded live at Ministry of Sound


01. Re-Ward - 'Cico Knows Best' [Black Hole]

02. Phil Crawf - 'I Heart You' [Refresh]

03. Fred Baker Vs. Simon Patterson - 'Lunar Smack' (Chaz Dos Santos Mashup) [white label]

04. Aj Gibson - 'Stories' [White Label] + Barack Obama - Yes We Can (Acapella)

05. Eddie Sender vs. Meck - 'So Komarn'a (Heatbeat Mix Edit) [white label]

06. Kings Of Leon - 'Sex On Fire' (Phil Crawf Remix) [white label]

07. Paul Webster - 'Corruption' (Mac & Taylor Remix) [white label]

08. Richard Durand - 'Predator Vs Cha Cha' (Mix Two) [Terminal 4]

09. Rhys Thomas Vs Argy - 'Grade A Marshmallow' [white label]

10. Harnessnoise - 'Burbump!' [white label]

11. Cirez D Vs. Sander Van Doorn - 'S.O.S Theme' (Chaz Dos Santos Mashup) [white label]

12. Lee Haslam - 'Punch Drunk' [Digital Remedy]

13. Art Of Trance - 'Madagascar' (Richard Durand Remix) [white label]

14. Fast Distance - 'Elysion' (Lee Haslam Remix) [Alter Ego Pure]

15. Soundlift - 'Nostalgia' (Amada Remix) [Redux Records 2008l]

16. Andy E - 'Just For You' (Jonus Hornblad Remix) [beyond Digial]

17. Phatt ft Kate Smith - 'Worlds Apart' (Will Atkinson Remix) [Nukleuz]

18. Linkin Park - 'Numb' (HeatBeat Bootleg) [white label]

Edited by FuzzY-LogiC

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