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2010-07 - July Mix


  • JudgeJules.net
    Recorded live (location unknown) (Never broadcast)

01. Cliff Coenraad - 'Massive' (Sunrise 2010 Anthem) [High Contrast]

02. Ali Wilson - 'Shangri-La' [in Charge]

03. Marcel Woods - T'omorrow' [High Contrast]

04. Sander van Doorn - 'Daisy vs. Renegade' (Scot Project Master Masher Remix) [white label]

05. Fu Man Chu - 'El Nino' (Vegas Baby Remix) [white label] + Chantal - 'The Realm' (A Cappella)

06. Shy Brothers - 'Recharge' [Musical Madness]

07. Pendulum - 'Watercolour' (J&T Project Remix) [white label]

08. Sand & Sense - 'Cold Night' (The Flyers & Mike Sonar's Original Mix) [Enhanced Progressive]

09. Karl G & Jamesie feat. Undersound - 'Never Should' [Born To Dance]

10. Mike Shiver vs. Fandy - 'Sique' (Ronski Speed Remix) [Captured Music]

11. Faithless - 'Tweak Your Nipple' (Tiesto Remix) [PIAS]

12. Underworld feat. High Contrast - 'Scribble' (MW Rework) [white label]

13. Stoneface & Terminal - 'Moment' [Euphonic]

14. W&W - 'Manhattan' (Captivating Sounds)

15. The Love People - 'Sweet Airs' [Inspired]

16. Tiesto & Diplo vs. Rank 1 - 'C'Mon L.E.D. There Be Light' (Rob G Digital Mashup) [white label]

17. Nature One Inc - 'The Flag Keeps Flying' (Woody Van Eyden Original Extended Mix) [ZYX Music]

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