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2012-01 - January Mix


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    Recorded live (location unknown) (Other)

01. Jerry Rekonius - '10TH' [Spinnin']

02. Brian Cross Feat Daniel Gidlund - 'Soldier' [Columbia]

03. Tate & Credland - 'Rise Above The Anarchy' [Mondo]

04. Mr Zonk - 'Bonzai' [CDR]

05. Ali Wilson & Lee Osborne - 'Armagedon' [High Contrast]

06. Tangle & Mateusz – 'Solstice' [High Contrast]

07. Matt Darey feat. Leah - 'Hold Your Breath' (KhoMha Remix) [Armada Music]

08. Breakfast - 'Somewhere Up There' (The Deep End EP) (Unknown Remix) [Breakfast]

09. Judge Jules - 'The Attack' [Vandit]

10. Fredda L Fisher - 'Love You Call It' (Beat Service Remix) [Enhanced]

11. Orjan Nilsen - 'Legions' [Armada]

12. Tom Lavin & Adrohan - 'Tackleberry' (Matthew Nagle Remix) [High Contrast]

Edited by FuzzY-LogiC

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