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2013-06 - June Mix (Mix 2)


  • BBC Radio 1
    Replacement Mix for distorted MOS mix (Never broadcast)

01. Zak Moya ft Shahin Badar - 'Is it Love' [IAM Music]

02. Beat Service - 'On The Edge' [beat Service Audio]

03. Hardwell - 'Three Triangles (Losing My Religion)' [Toolroom]

04. M.I.K.E - 'Natural Source' [High Contrast]

05. Daughter - 'Get Lucky' (J&T project) [CDR]

06. Organ Nilsen - 'Violetta' [Armada]

07. Armin van Buuren feat. Emma Hewitt - 'Forever Is Ours' [Armada]

08. W&W - 'Thunder' [Armada]

09. Simon Patterson ft. Lucy Pullin - 'The One' [Armind]

10. Muska & Lynn Olsen - 'Things That Never Change' [S107]

Edited by FuzzY-LogiC

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