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  1. Hey guys!!! This is a bit of a blast from the past Love the look of the site now, so much nicer than what I can remember. I've not had a lot of time to come here and post. Now in my final year of uni studying Audio Production and there's a lot of work involved. I will make an effort to come n ere more often, wil be god to catch up with some of you Many of you will remember Rob Corbo and I forming the duo 'Corbossy'. Over the past year we have come quite a long way. The biggest success must be appearing on ASOT after support from many big names such as Kyau and Albert, Markus Schulz, Paul van Dyk, Robert Vadney (to name a few). We are here because we want to share our latest project with you all. Back in the day when we were starting out you all supported us with the much needed feedback and criticisms that made us what we are today so we cant thank you enough. So that you know we haven't forgotten about you, this is what we are up to now ... We also have a Facebook page which would be great if some of you could hit 'like' as we give away free exclusives when we hit milestones. We also have a website where you can also get hold of the same exclusives, but you only get them first on the Facebook page. Just search Corbossy!!! Will be great to see what you think, and again, I'll make sure I come on here as much as I can in future!!! Much love!!! Simon (and Rob) - Corbossy
  2. Haha, it's meant to be "The Cinematic Orchestra - To Build a Home (Simon Ross Vocal Remix)" ... the instrumental was played the week before too. Really pushing for a recording of him playing it on air and saying I did it, cos so far no recognition! Glad people like it though :D
  3. The Cinematic Orchestra Remix is one that I did, but for some reason my name is never put on the website tracklist and it says 'Ninja Tune'???
  4. Hey everyone, It's been a long time since I've been able to come on here. Uni has taken over my life, along with working for a radio station, DJ'ing, and supplying tuneage to various record labels with Mr Corbo. Rob and I have been working flat out ever since we started back in 2008, and I thought some of you may be interested to hear the work we are coming up with today I know how many of you followed us back in the day, and some of you still do over on Facebook, Twitter, and Soundcloud! These 2 tunes have only been finished for about a week now, so see what you think ... I hope you all enjoy the two tunes! They will most likely get released together as an EP, so watch this space Love to you all Corbossy
  5. Not been on here for time, I hope everyone is well! :)

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      Hello sir! Welcome back :)

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      it's good to be back! too much to catch up on, but i felt the need to return after some hectic years! :)

  6. I had a listen the other day. It makes a great foundation but can definately be worked up some more. For me the main thing is to make the bassline stronger so it rumbles but I often complain about this with a lot of tunes!
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    I always tip the chap who washes my hands in the toilets on a night out. First met him during freshers week of uni last year and he was so friendly and even remembered me next time I went in. A year on and we are good friends now, so I will always throw him a pound, he will give me a spray of his best aftershave and I get a lollypop too. I did ask him once if he actually made plenty of money doing it, and he said he makes shit loads!!!
  8. Some of you have come across this already thanks to the wonder that is Facebook ... but for those of you that haven't this is a little something I quickly threw together for my sets. If anyone would like a 320 copy just tap to me and I'll sort you out with the download link. Much love!!!
  9. I don't get to look at the board much these days but just stumbled across this. Will do my best to check out some of the tunes cos it looks like they are all going down really well. You on Facebook fella? I can keep up to date much easier on there!!!
  10. TEED Remix of Monster isn't that good I don't think, but I saw him live supporting Fatboy Slim on Friday night and he was amazing. Some of his other tunes are really impressive! Not as good as Lincoln's own Jakwob tho!!!
  11. What worries me is I don't have a Pioneer set up, mine are cheap Citronic CDJs ... but would a Traktor set up work with these or are they not that technologically advanced for the software?
  12. Has been working with the Radio 1 team today, Zane and Fearne ... and is now listening to Zane DJ in Lincoln live on Radio 1 itself :)

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      Chrissie Brown

      Well done you, great stuff!!

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      Let me know next time you work with Zane :)

  13. Shaved my head myself for the first time today, super sexy!!!

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      I wax my chest regularly or else it shows through the chainmail.

  14. I stand against your statement Tom and nominate myself
  15. Great to see this finally released I wonder if Rob has remembered about this whilst on his lovely holiday!
  16. Hey everyone, It's still fresers week here at uni, and as always there is day after day of events beinh held. Zane Lowe has come back to Lincoln for what must be his fourth or fifth year now, this time for his DJ Hero 2 tour. Me and my best mate, Leon, didn't manage to buy tickets in time (they sold out within an hour) so we arrived at the doors 1 and a half hours early to ensure we got tickets on the door. We were let in at 10 and after a trip to the toilet headed straight to the front. At this time nobody was really bothered about standing at the front, they just wanted to dance ... but I knew from past experiences just how people wil try and do anything to stand on that front row! Zane was supported by Shy FX this time. Leon was more excited about this than seeing Zane as he is a DnB/Jungle/Dubstep kind of guy. Shy FX did a blinding set, and even dipped in a bit of electro halfway through (I heard a remix of Ian Carey - Shot Caller in there). Zane didn't make a fancy entrance this year. He stepped up and plugged in his Akai 400 (more on this later) and got started. I think I will mention now ... at the end of the show, I turned to Leon and said if we went round back quick enough we could meet Zane. Sure enough, we casually strolled round back (through hoards of drunken students) and found him chatting with the venue staff. The bouncers stood with him saw me and Leon and started edging forward (assuming we were drunk and gonna pile on Zane or something) but when Zane clocked us he ran up to us and started chatting. He asked us both about our DJ careers, and then decided to show us his set up. He was using his own CDJ 2000 decks (which let him down mid-set!) and the akai controller which he had only just purchased a few nights prior to the event. He told us all the equipment was new to him and it was his fourth gig on tour using any of it. Back to the night itself though, Zane did his usual mix of every genre imagineable taking advantage of the CDJ's quantized cue points and loops. Halfway through the set playing a live-produced remix of Yolanda ... the music went dead. What had happened is because he was using usb sticks, they had overheated. He controlled the situation beautifully, so well I had to ask him if it was planned and he swore it wasn't. He got the crowds chanting using his microphone, and at the same time talking to the technician asking him to fix it or get the old 1000's back. The night ended with a really chilled out version of 'Ney York' by Jay Z and Alicia Keyes, which was really diferent to his set which is packed with energy ... but it was the perfect end to his show. He came down and shook hands with everyone at the front. But then as I've said, we met him round back and had proper manly hugs and everything! He is now in Sheffield, possibly still asleep in the back of his car. But my god that man knows how to work a crowd! (Photos and videos can be found on my facebook)!/album.php?aid=495677&id=502985723&ref=notif&notif_t=like
  17. Rob and I only use 'edirol orchestra' as an added plug-in. The only other thing we use for our tunes is Operator which comes with Ableton as standard.
  18. I cried twice watching Toy Story 3 ... purely because when it started I realised that the 'story' had started back when i was a kid. Now I'm grown up and all the characters have grown up too. It was quite weird cos I never cry at films but I just had the image of me sitting in the exact same cinema watching the originals years ago. The end is nice too!
  19. Res Evil looks good, and that one about the cops with Will Ferrel ... The Other Guys? I keep forgetting its name but I think thats it
  20. Thanks for your support Gonna check this out now and make sure everyone else at uni hears it too
  21. I'll get involved this year. I said I would last year but had too much going on at uni to put something together, but I have plenty of live sets ahead so can use one of those at least
  22. Hey guys, This is our newest remix which is being released on Digitized Recordings soon. Have a listen and tell us what you think! Only a clip (for obvious reasons) Corbossy